Book Excerpts

A Spiritual Journey

The vision that is our life witnessing itself

Awakening The Shaman Within

Evolution manifests from taking responsibility for our present…

Who Am I?

New book from Lujan Matus coming soon.

The Empathic Perspective

How to discover the true essence of our self.

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Learning The Lo Ban Pai Gravity Series

I’ve never experienced something like Lo Ban Pai before.

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Online Spiritual Guidance with Lujan Matus

Spiritual Guidance program commences May 16th.

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Doorway To The Tao

Our evolutionary process of awakening.

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The Truth Of The Heart Is Emerging

How beautiful this journey of life truly is!

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Online Spiritual Guidance – Special Group Event in May

Spiritual Guidance program commences May 16th.

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Dedicating Every Day To Gratitude

A universe has opened during our time together.

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Shamanic and Esoteric Practices for Energy and Healing

The necessity of a path with a heart

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The Books of Lujan Matus: Special Offer for April

Now is the time for spiritual learning.

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Oracle of the Heart – Whisperings of Wisdom for Daily Reflection

Learn about the programs offered by Lujan Matus.

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