A Loving Heart

Transformation through attending a shamanic movement workshop.

The Embodiment of Spirit

What Lujan teaches is to live a life of purpose.

Book Excerpts

The Heart of Hearts: The Crucifixion

An altered perspective of Christianity.

Awakening The Shaman Within

Evolution manifests from taking responsibility for our present…

Who Am I?

An exciting new book coming.

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Collective Consciousness

Everyone's capacity to access alternate timelines.

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Online Spiritual Guidance – Group Program in September

Next online program commences on September 12th.

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Inner Strength, Integrity and Protection

I used to think that superpowers were impossible.

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Being in Harmony With The Truth Of My Heart

These teachings are precious jewels unfolding in time.

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Feelings Are All That Matter – Spiritual Healing

A deeper understanding of the Lo Ban Pai movements.

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Perception Is Changing

I wish everyone the chance to learn Lo Ban Pai.

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Raising My Vibration

I'm filled with so much hope and happiness!

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Intentional Power Through The Mastery Of Movement

Evolving into an alternate frequency.

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Redirecting My Life Path

Experiencing the Healing Practitioner Training Program

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