Book Excerpts

The Rapture – A Spiritual Awakening

The pure expression of the raw intelligence of our cosmos.

The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception

An invitation to fully engage with your own journey.

Who Am I?

An exciting new book coming.

A Spiritual Journey

The vision that is our life witnessing itself

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Online Spiritual Guidance with Lujan Matus in 2021

50% Early Bird Discount Offer

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Online Spiritual Guidance – Group Program in January 2021

The next online program starts January 16th, 2021.

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Gratitude Sale – 50% Discount on Lujan Matus eBooks

Reduced prices on the digital PDF versions

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Interweaving Timelines

Discover the secrets of your personal journey

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Inner Observation and the Three Treasures

The process of inner observation.

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The Spiritual Teachings of Lujan Matus

It is truly a prayerful life!

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Becoming Aware Of The Energy Flow Within

I felt more electromagnetism ever before!

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Dragon Gates

A direct experience of communion with spirit.

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Opening My Heart and Expressing Gratitude

Like magic I was transformed

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