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Shadows in the Twilight – Conversations with a Shaman

Experiencing our living matrix as a multiplex of lucid interactivity.

The Heart of Hearts: The Crucifixion

An altered perspective of Christianity.

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Tantric Energy Cultivation Techniques

I feel deeply grateful for our training.

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Experiencing Parallel Perception

I am dedicated and sincere with my practice.

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A Quantum Perspective – Electromagnetic Spiral Movements

An omnipresent shape of optimal motion.

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Learning Lo Ban Pai – Spiritual Movement Exercises

A progressive path of learning.

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The Only Meditation Technique You Will Ever Need

Listen to what you can't hear.

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Dedicating Myself To The Practice

Bringing my being to a new level of silence.

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A Path With Heart

The mastery of one’s inner self.

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Deep Devotion To Grow With An Open Heart

We are connected to everything and everyone.

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Online Spiritual Guidance with Lujan Matus in 2021

50% Early Bird Discount Offer

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