This is a bodywork and counseling program.

During these one-on-one sessions Lujan will work on blockages held in the body and will assist in processing any emotional upheavals that occur. To actively engage in healing one’s own imbalances is one of the most powerful gestures of service an individual can make. Guidance and support provided by Lujan is grounded in decades of experience as a healer, teacher and diligent practitioner of meditative and internal energy work.

Healing the Body

Lujan is now offering private healing sessions utilizing a unique technique of holistic bodywork that originates in ancient Oriental medicinal wisdom. This method works directly on the luminous fibers that connect the energy body to the universe at large, activating the bioelectromagnetic fields that enhance life and awareness.

The Empath’s Energy

During the healing sessions you will directly experience Lujan’s personal power, which is felt as magnetic waves pulsating throughout your energy body. This transmission will allow you to achieve the inner silence that is necessary to attain the elusive state of heightened perceptual acuity that catalyzes true transformation.

Experiences can include visions and profound shifts into altered physiological consciousness, which opens the heart to its natural way of being. You will become aware of the movement of your life force within your luminous sphere as Lujan realigns your energetic fibers via ligaments and tendons located in the back. You will also be instructed in specific techniques that enhance lucidity of perception, thereby enabling you to transform your viewpoint.

Empathic attunement

Insights and advice pertaining to your developmental path is not governed by a pre-determined format but by a refined receptivity to the intricacies of your actual psychological and physiological blueprint. Non-judgmental and direct, Lujan’s guidance is firmly oriented toward empowering a stance of full responsibility and ongoing personal development that leaves old patterning behind.

Intuitive Visions

In this program Lujan will demonstrate Dragon’s Tears, using the power of this movement form to shift the gazer’s attention. During this process you may experience visual anomalies and otherworldly phenomena.

Lujan will also realign your chakra centers thus opening up ancient doorways of perception, enabling a direct experience of the unifying effects of truly present awareness as a unique connection to eternity.

Personal Power
and Transformation

As Lujan accompanies you during these practices he will assist you to process any upheavals that may arise so as to facilitate your growth of consciousness. The outcome is that you will be equipped to independently resolve any obstructions in your energy body. This will enable a complete and enduring healing that will be able to be sustained following the conclusion of the healing sessions.

Transformative Techniques

The Healing Retreat includes empathic recapitulation practices, the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake and the Healing Meditation.

5 Day Program