Awakening the Energy Body is one of four initiation practices towards establishing the magnetic, directional capacities of the practitioner.

This program teaches dynamic exercises that open the meridian channels and encourage energy to stream through them. It contains Thunder Dance, Palm Activation training and the rarely taught Fire Turtles chi gong sequence. This form opens up the central channel, from the mid-spine to the sacrum, lengthening from the middle of the scapula to the base of the skull and activating synovial fluids between the joints. Strengthens muscular and tendon systems and creates quiet, sustainable fortitude.

Activation of Spiral Pathways

Awakening the Energy Body is one of four primary entry programs to the Dragon system that Lujan teaches throughout Lo ban Pai. Within this form he imparts the fundamental movements that promote energy cultivation through the principles of Spiral Energetics to awaken the body and enliven the internal energy channels.

In this sequence the initiate acquires various methods to clear physical and energetic blockages in order to cultivate optimal flow of chi, which inevitably nurtures the vascular, limbic and parasympathetic systems.

Dragon Gates

Entering Dragon Gates is the key to experiential spiritual growth in Lo Ban Pai. These etheric portals are elusive, yet ever-present and right in front of us; within us and all around us at all times. They are called the gates of the dragon via the fact that one feels them yet they cannot be seen. When the initiate passes through such a threshold the experience is never left behind, perennially persisting until fully integrated within.

Activate Body Consciousness

For energy cultivation to be successful, the body must be switched on so as to become aware and receptive to the elusive dynamics that are all-encompassing and surrounding us at every moment. As the name implies, Awakening the Energy Body contains many potent sequences that directly address this fundamental necessity.

Conditioning for Alignment

In Awakening the Energy Body you will be taught how to lengthen and activate ligaments and tendons so as to realign your being with the primordial essence of your power. While some elements are physically demanding, the disciplined practitioner will be greatly rewarded with a significant increase in physical fitness, strength and endurance, as well as mental clarity and focus.

This form greatly increases stamina and willpower, enabling the practitioner to harness their unbending intent in order to facilitate transformation.

Energy Cultivation: Fire Turtles and Pearl-Popping

Within Awakening the Energy Body Lujan will instruct you in the rarely taught Fire Turtles chi gong and Whip-snake sequence. Including these powerful sets within one’s practice generates explosive chi and encourages it to stream throughout the body’s entire field via a pounding pressure that emanates from the heart center, enlivening and opening energetic channels both internally and externally.

Pearl-popping is a method to allow the individual to flip their dantien backwards and forwards within the body. This teaches one to maneuver this vital center in a relaxed manner.

You will also be introduced to Walking the Tao, a subtle energy-circulating sequence that initiates expansion of the toroidal field of the heart, which in turn strengthens the magnetism of the hands.


Spiral Energetics

Learning how to coil via the golden equation through movement is the basic essence of Lo Ban Pai. Also called Spiral Energetics, this is Oriental shamanism that reveals the essence of the Tao. The system employs coiling gestures to access, activate, nurture and apply energy. Lo Ban Pai centers around heart consciousness and all movement employed within every form supports this.

Program Elements Included in Awakening the Energy Body

  • Instruction in a self-massage technique that enlivens the external ‘wei chi’, which is our protective immunity that emanates from the skin. This easy-to-apply personal care routine slows down the aging process.
  • The Thunder Dance: A dynamic rhythmic sequence that employs a trance rhythm, this is a powerful space-clearing practice that can be used anywhere.

Depending on the aptitude of the student, portions of the following program – Windlock – will be introduced as preparation for the next step.

5 Day Program