Lujan Matus - Śāriputra

Lujan Matus is a master intuitive empath with a unique ability to immerse individuals and groups in a rarefied state where the subtle currents of the interconnective universe become tangible.

When quantum entanglement shifts from an abstract concept to a perceivable reality, we are automatically propelled into an entirely new way of being.

As a teacher and guide, Lujan is able to offer a genuine experience of how this actually feels. Once this is absorbed, anything that does not resonate with this quality of communion is innately understood to be void of meaning

Lujan Matus

Lujan Matus’ initiation was set in motion at the age of seven when Master Lo Ban made his presence known in his life. Also known as the old nagual Lujan, this oriental seer imparted to him many treasures, including a variety of exceptionally powerful physical practices and deep awareness cultivation techniques that revolve absolutely around the adaptive axis of pure heart consciousness.

What this implies is not a rose-colored view that must be adopted in denial of what is manifesting in one’s circumstance but a genuine engagement that takes into full account the profound cause and effect, responsibility and inextricable nature of each person’s presence in this mysterious interdimensional continuum that envelops our consciousness.

Teachings, Courses and Online Guidance

Within Lujan’s online sessions and in the movement workshops he hosts around the world, a pervasive quality of profound empathy and spontaneity prevails. An implicit trust in following what arises in the moment as the greatest teacher available to us characterizes his approach at all times.

Decades of experience as a practitioner and teacher are brought to bear without applying preconceived methods in any given circumstance, for Lujan’s deep commitment to ongoing evolution demands a total responsivity to the true flux of what is occurring.

Personal Power Through Physical Movement

The physical body is a resource uniquely tuned to act as a vehicle for the development of personal power: the very force that drives and guides one to embody a life of purpose and service. Lujan emphasizes the development and necessity of a clear connection to body awareness through regular practice, clean dietary choices and careful consideration of environmental factors. The movement forms of Lo Ban Pai span a broad range of dynamic intensity, duration and have specific applications. Each sequence provides strong foundations for self-empowerment and all forms are absolutely complementary to one another.

Books & Videos

Lujan has authored eight books: The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, Awakening the Third Eye, Shadows in the Twilight, Whisperings of the Dragon, Who Am I?, The Art of Lo Ban PaiOracle of the Heart and The Power of Emptiness. They are available in paperback, digital and audio-book formats.

He has been featured in the documentary movie The Cosmic Giggle and numerous online interviews.


Lujan offers private tuition and group workshops in various locations around the world as well as online guidance to enhance one’s personal power.


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