Within the following pages you will be introduced to the ancient esoteric system of Lo Ban Pai

that is taught exclusively by Lujan Matus.

If you have found this book, you are ready to take a major step forward within your own spiritual journey. Lujan’s students typically are those who have been searching for something much more than the commonly available, who take responsibility for their own development and who seek the eminently practical and powerful that encompasses the magical and mystical that surrounds us.

It is natural to assume that you are such a person, in which case,you have found what you are looking for. Those who practice the Art of Lo Ban Pai are propelled forward at a rate they would not have previously believed possible.

Within our living construct is an all-encompassing consciousness that awaits our sincere gestures to establish contact with it. Everybody is seeking that communion. The movements within Lo Ban Pai provide an astonishingly fast connection with the unknown which often astounds students and practitioners with its immediacy. The feelings of gravity and magnetism that arrive in one’s hands become obvious after only a few momentsunder Lujan’s tutelage, and will continually provide you with a source of inspiration to continue upon this journey.

Lo Ban Pai goes beyond the system of movements, encompassing also the teachings of Lujan Matus. Within Lujan’s books -details of which are containedwithin these pages -are incredible amounts of informationthat will assist you in gaining access to your internal vortices and thusawakenyou to your ownpersonal power. These books invite you to read them again and again, each time revealing more and more depth,in accordance with your own progression, taking you yet further forward.

When you undertake personal tuition, you will directly discover the world of the intuitive empath -the world beyond the present engineered construct -that is our natural state as human beings. You will be gently shown the interferences that are part of the socially conditioned response of many individuals living upon this planet, which may be blocking you from being who you really are. This will empower you to move toward the purest form of your predetermined life path.

If you are wondering how Lo Ban Pai can affect such profound changes within your life, we invite you to explore the multitude of testimonials from Lujan’s students that can be found on the Parallel Perception website. On the front page of the site you will also find an outline of some of the manifest benefits you are likely to experience, which are worth repeating here:

Lo Ban Pai will help you:

•  Open your third eye
•  Increase your energy
•  Cultivate personal power
•  Awaken heart consciousness
•  Promote optimal healthand vitality
•   Access heightened states of awareness
•   Improve muscle strength and flexibility

Welcome to what you have been looking for.


This book is a compilation of material from the Parallel Perception website describing the art of Lo Ban Pai and the various programs offered by Lujan Matus. It was created on the request of Lujan’s students to have the information available in a readily accessible format.