White Crane is a highly effective system of internal alchemy.

It strengthens and revitalizes the body through the electric and magnetic pathways stimulated by correctly aligning one’s physical structure.

Grounding & The Six Directions

The movements of White Crane root the practitioner to the ground by aligning all the kinetic chains that it activates within the body’s fascial web. 

When initiating these kinetics, enormous amounts of silence will be achieved via using one’s listening skills to follow the stretching and contracting elements that return to their source upon completion of each movement. 

All six directions are mindfully activated through the expansion and contraction of one’s energy bubble. This will make you feel more loving and open, enabling you to express your life force in the most positive way possible.

Photonic Potential

White Crane increases the practitioner’s ability to absorb and store the appropriate light photons, which the body innately knows to draw towards itself. 

Amongst the treasures belonging to the White Crane series is a rare technique that teaches you how to use the lower dantien to increase the body’s capacity to send chi into the four extremities through a method of compression that allows one to collect and store energy.

 Charging the Toroidal Field

The movements of White Crane, combined with special breathing techniques, generate an intense magnetism surrounding the body. At the same time, the orbits following each set enable gathering and sealing that electromagnetic energy within one’s central matrix, thus charging the toroidal field.

Our physicality is stabilized by our lower limbs, which can be likened to the roots of a tree. With powerful grounding sequences, White Crane strengthens the bones, fortifies tendons and ligaments, and increases muscular stamina, thoroughly revitalizing one’s structural integrity.

Healing Effects

Practicing this powerful sequence will solicit an immediate response from your core, and you will begin to realize there are vortices of energy surrounding your physical form that is nourished and circulated by every gesture. Though initially most evident in developing one’s body consciousness, the implications of this particular phenomenon extend far beyond the material plane.

In this sequence, the initiate acquires various methods to clear physical and energetic blockages to cultivate the optimal flow of chi, which inevitably nurtures the vascular, limbic, and parasympathetic systems.

Martial Abilities & Nei Gong

It is a profound energy cultivation practice that establishes a strong foundation for martial forms. This program instructs the practitioner in their integration of meditative awareness, which opens up the electromagnetic force to rise through the physical structure and be utilized. It awakens the mysterious essence of one’s internal power.

The White Crane’s primary focus is to fill the dantien with martial chi. This form is highly comprehensive, and it may take the initiate many weeks of in-person training sessions to accomplish proficiency within the nuanced preciseness of these techniques that will become realized after two to three years of practice.

What you can expect from this form is a sense of fullness that feels like joy emanating from the dantien as martial chi increases. It will create physical power by stimulating the chi to flow through the specific pathways of the fascial web’s elastic lines, producing extremely powerful and explosive releases of energy.

35 Day Program – divided into 6 weeks of training