This optional program is available to those who have completed the Initiation and Intermediate Series.

Primordial Shen Gong refines the innate capacity to be empathically attuned to all beings, which also expands one’s ability to move beyond the boundaries of the physical body. This precious jewel greatly enhances personal power and longevity.

Primordial Shen Gong

This rejuvenating practice contains powerful techniques of Lo Ban Pai for sexual energy cultivation to enhance the primordial essence, which promotes physical strength and clarity. The entire sequence focuses upon Jing, Chi and Shen combined as a unified force, and the advanced principles of Shen application.

This heightened awareness of electromagnetic connectivity promotes the ability to align with a deep reservoir of sincerity within the self, which fosters the elusive state of communion with spirit.

Jing Cultivation

Jing is the foundation energy cultivated in inner alchemy. Native to the lower dantien, it is the primal essence or life force that we inherit from our parents. While Jing can be used in martial arts, it is a key component of health and fuels clear, unimpeded perception at every level.

Primordial Shen Gong begins by addressing the principal necessity of fortifying and clearing this vital base of operations, which corresponds with the sexual center. The impact of Jing cultivation is palpable and students often describe their experience of feeling more present, grounded and powerful within just a few days of practice.

Managing Increased Sexual Energy: Taming the Wild-Horse

Learning primordial energy cultivation techniques is advised under qualified supervision. Lujan explains this sensitive discipline clearly and meticulously, indicating how to calibrate training to harmonize the elements so as to build a stable base to support one’s progress.

When sexual energy is cultivated without proper ethical practice it can easily rage out of control, hence the oriental term that refers to this phenomena as ‘Wild-Horse’. Not only does Jing cultivation cease under these circumstances, leading to serious depletion of one’s vital energy reserve, but the psychological effects of this volatile imbalance may lead to negative repercussions on those in one’s environment.

Ling Kong Jing

Primordial Shen Gong also includes a component of Ling Kong Jing that trains the ability to project energy beyond the body. One key aspect is to lower one’s center, which has everything to do with the grounding aspect of the practice. The principles of casting and toning, as taught in the Gravity series, are developed here.

Physical displacement phenomena may occur within a short time of applying these techniques and is even more likely to happen as empty force training matures. It may feel momentarily as if the world around you moves whilst you are standing still. This phenomenon is also often experienced when practicing the Jaguar Series.

Energetic Outcomes Of The Practice

Sexual Cultivation Practice is far more complex than the name implies. Though it may indeed increase one’s libido and help one experience a more fulfilling sex life, these are merely side-benefits and not the major focus.

It can take as little as a few days to experience Primordial Shen Gong adding a deeper and more tangible sense of gravity to every aspect of life. As energy levels rise dramatically, concentration becomes more focused and you will experience sensations of ‘fullness’ and being more ‘earthed’ as well as increased perceptual clarity.

Jing and Ejaculation

Taoist teachings maintain that too much ejaculation leads to poor health and a reduced life span. The emphasis placed upon retaining semen is due to the fact that it directly equates with Jing, or ‘primordial essence’, as described above. Excess ejaculation consumes cerebrospinal fluid, which leads to brain shrinkage. Whereas a woman can have multiple climaxes without serious depletion of essence, a man cannot indulge in this without bearing the consequences sooner or later.

The force of Jing supplies energy to the lower three chakras, strengthens the legs and fosters a grounded sense of self. When Jing is abundant, this supplies Chi, and these two primordial energies join more easily and harmoniously together to combine into Shen. (see The Three Treasures program description for further information).

Eyes shine brightly as a sign of increased Shen and you will feel stronger as a result of developing deeper roots and a more stable base of power within your core.

Strength, Virility and Personal Power

As we age, the vagina expands and the penis shrinks. These practices directly address this natural process and promote abundance of vital energy. The side-effects of this discipline include benefiting one’s sex-life, especially in later years.

The vital health of a man’s penis has a direct relationship to his physical and energetic strength. When correctly performed, these practices increase testosterone levels in a balanced way. Jing cultivation strengthens and enlarges the length and girth of the penis and tones the ligaments, activating synovial fluid and generating radiance via the fascial network.

Primordial Shen Gong practices allow energy to rise from the inguinal crease to the shoulder nest, which brings fullness to the internal channels. The lower dantien is intimately associated with this nerve complex via its connectivity to the sexual center. As these internal pathways fill with power and become as strong as steel bars and as elastic as a hose filled with pressurized water, qualities of uprightness, both physiologically and psychologically, are progressively upheld.

For anatomical reasons, the male version of this technique series differs from the female version. As a woman’s genitalia points to the ground it is subject to gravity, and if this area is not kept toned, energy can leak from this vital center through neglect. The female practice addresses this by strengthening and tightening the vaginal complex and involves the use of a yoni egg crystal. This enlivens a very strong receptivity to the primal essence of the womb, this powerful sensorial base of operations that is a genetic blueprint that links to every woman that ever existed.

A man will develop their connectivity to the feeling center of the lower dantien through diligent practice of the rotational vortices within the Opening the Tao program. For those who are wondering, the training does not require disrobing, physical touch or anything similar.

Personal Discipline and Fortitude in Life and Love

As one practices self-regulation in one’s sexual nature, and even learns how to enjoy sexual activity without physical release, this same quality of restraint and potency will naturally become available as a personal resource within every aspect of your life.

Loyalty – a deep ethical standpoint – must be maintained at the level of thoughts, visualizations and behavior. Tenderness, kindness and understanding through communication is one of the most important areas to uphold within this practice.

Important Note

It bears reiterating that practitioners must be utterly dedicated to their ethical integrity in order to apply these techniques. This is not mere advice but a very strong warning.

Primordial Shen Gong is not for the faint-hearted, for without discipline this level of Jing cultivation can become extremely detrimental, and males, in particular, are especially vulnerable to serious imbalance when the potent fires of sexual energy are stoked.

If there is any incoherence on the level of loyalty, transparency, and care, every ounce of these issues will and must be drawn to the surface (which of course applies absolutely and equally to females as well). This practice can be devastating if love, kindness, and gentle forbearance are not brought into play. Engagement in this program entails a thorough reckoning with any submerged behaviors and attitudes and a cleansing of all that does not belong in a clear heart.

The prerequisite to do this program is the completion of the Initiation and Intermediate series’.

5 Day Program
Available to approved students only.