This is a powerful movement set that enhances every aspect of Lo Ban Pai

Though introduced by Lujan to the public only recently, Opening the Tao and Gravity are the mother forms, where all possibilities are birthed. These sequences give novices the immediate experience of the inherent power within their electromagnetic potential, which becomes available as voluminous magnetism felt within the hands and periphery of the body. Specific effects on the human bio-electromagnetic field become apparent through its orbits, which charge the DNA and initiate an irreversible catalyst toward transdimensional consciousness.

Doorway To Your Living Dream

Opening the Tao is a comprehensive movement system that ushers in a profound renewal of your relationship with the world around you.

We are always at a point of reception and we are always on a threshold of discovery. There’s no position that can govern our awareness other than where we are at now. Our journey determines us and who we are is revealed to us at every moment.

The beauty of this foundation form is that it truly sows the seeds for developing an alternate cognitive system, which is not a reasonable faculty but a perceptual process that allows you to discover exactly what’s in front of you via your awakened body consciousness.

Roots, Rotational Axes And The Toroidal Field

The movements of Opening the Tao, in combination with special breathing techniques, generate an intense magnetism that surrounds the body, while the orbits following each set enable gathering and sealing that electromagnetic energy within one’s central matrix, thus charging the toroidal field.

Our physicality is stabilized by our lower limbs, which can be likened to the roots of a tree. Beginning with powerful grounding sequences, Opening the Tao strengthens the bones, fortifies tendons and ligaments, and increases muscular stamina, thoroughly revitalizing one’s structural integrity.

Practicing this powerful sequence will solicit an immediate response from your core and you will begin to realize there are vortices of energy surrounding your physical form that are being nourished and circulated by every gesture. The implications of this particular phenomenon, though initially most evident in terms of developing one’s body consciousness, extend far beyond the material plane.

Living Alchemy

The interconnectivity of our entire universe is based upon luminous exchange, and collecting light is something everybody does all the time, whether the mind is aware of it or not. It is our body that recognizes the frequencies that arrive.

Refining our ability to absorb and fluidly interpret photonic information is an art at the cutting edge of the evolution of humankind. Though not currently widely acknowledged by the general populous, this revelatory information about the extensive influence of photons upon consciousness is beginning to surface.

The human biofield remains one of the most sophisticated of all interfaces. Recognizing and becoming responsive to the intricacies of luminous communion is an integral aspect of Lo Ban Pai. Many of the key methods to cultivate one’s receptivity to this continuous exchange are introduced within the Initiate Series.

Health Benefits

Opening the Tao initiates a profound cleanse from the inside out, reactivating one’s lymphatic system and eliminating acidity from muscles, sinuses and lungs. Bone density is also steadily increased via these movements, thus sustaining the integrity of one’s skeletal structure further into the aging process.

The forms rotational gestures cause the synovial fluid to be evenly distributed throughout the joints. This sacred liquid is then transformed by the frequency obtained through diligent practice, which influences the light photons to generate radiance via the consciousness of the practitioner.

Energetic Evolution

This unique series of exercises creates a vacuum joining the physical and energy body through specific elliptical orbits. This is how one can gain access to higher frequencies and actually see the light generated by the body. As realizations amass within through sustained practice, emptiness gathers. In Tibetan culture this is known as being ‘Hollow Boned’, which refers to a deeply silent awareness.

Opening up the rotational axes of every joint initiates a catalytic process towards new levels of receptivity to the universe at large. The early forms of Lo Ban Pai provide a visceral introduction to this fascinating premise, which is explored in greater depths in the Intermediate and Advanced series’.

Optimal practice time: early morning.

5 Day Program