Online Spiritual Guidance is a program that takes place over a series of one-hour sessions

and comprises special techniques, counseling and guidance for personal evolution.

Lujan’s extraordinary ability to travel to the heart of the matter is as potent online as in person, and this program is an ideal introduction to his work, as well as a excellent alternative for those who are unable to travel to group courses and workshops. These one-on-one sessions follow a fluid format, adapting to the true needs of each individual’s growth path.

Special techniques, such as The Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake and The Healing Meditation, are instrumental to this program, for they initiate a profound return to center: the essential starting point from which your journey of healing and transformation begins.

As a master intuitive empath, Lujan directly addresses what is most pertinent, without judgment, to support you to align with your life path. Tools and insights gained during this program empower ongoing growth, and upon completion you will be equipped to independently resolve any obstructions in your life. Your newfound sense of purpose will facilitate a complete and enduring transformation that will be able to be sustained following the conclusion of the sessions. This process will continue to deepen over time.

Program elements include:

  • Instruction in the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake
  • Techniques to enhance inner silence
  • Methods to develop intuitive empathy and precognitive abilities
  • Meditations to promote physical healing
  • How to enhance energy production during digestion
  • Examining personal obstacles, barriers and challenges
  • Revolutionary techniques for reclaiming your natural sovereign state
  • Addressing issues surrounding ones personal application of heart consciousness
  • Digital copies of all of Lujan’s books are included as companion guides, with paperback copies available at an additional cost

Healing the Heart

In all traditions where spirituality is an integral part of life, it is acknowledged that the center of our perception – and of our very being – is the heart.

This vital chakra is more than just the focal point of our emotions, or the organ that pumps blood and life force through our veins. It is the center from which we intuit, translate and process our experiences.

Authentic guidance therefore, must essentially begin with clearing our central matrix of all that blocks its free and natural expression.

Identifying the issues that surround a person’s heart is the most direct way to embark upon a genuine spiritual journey. More often than not, these issues are related to what has been imprinted within a person’s childhood and how these imprints have been – and often continue to be – prevalent in a person’s life.

Whatever surrounds the heart creates an interpretation system that governs experience. More precisely, it impacts how you transform what occurs and how that defines you as an individual. A clear heart is synonymous with innocence, purity and courage.

To return to our original innocence, we have to be honest, vulnerable and raw. Initially, this can be a daunting prospect, for it may represent a loss of perceived ‘advantage’ or a frightening renouncement of the tactical behaviors developed over a lifetime. Even though we may continue to be injured by the perpetuation of defense mechanisms, strategies and fears that do not belong to the heart’s realm, we are often afraid that giving them up will put us into a position of unbearable vulnerability.

However, when we arrive upon these pivotal realizations within a supportive environment, transformation becomes a viable alternative to perpetuation and newfound clarity gives power to the heart’s quest to heal and evolve.

Overcoming Social Conditioning

During this course, you will have the opportunity to explore your unique circumstances to identify barriers to personal power and emotional freedom. This allows a permanent change of what one has become aware of. As Lujan accompanies you during these sessions he will assist you to process any upheavals that may arise so as to facilitate the growth of consciousness within a state of profound renewal.

These elements are in fact magical cues that have the potential to lead us to a more awakened state, when interpreted from a spiritual perspective. From this point of acknowledgment we are re-acquainted with both the power and the responsibility we carry as co-creators of a living dream. Not only does this avail us to greater understanding of being subject to our expanded consciousness, it also unlocks our ability to transcend those behaviors, injuries and prejudices that created what has entrapped us.

Intuitive Empathy

True healing begins with a process of returning to innocence and rebuilding our strength from that foundation, which does not leave room for unwholesome elements or manipulative tools. In spirituality, as in life, what we want is not always what we need and a predetermined format may not be the most beneficial path to follow.

This is why online guidance with Lujan Matus, who is recognized as a master intuitive empath, is directed by clear and unmistakable indications of the moment.

Thus what is applied within these sessions is in accordance with the true dictums of your heart path in order to enable maximum growth and learning.

For some this may seem to be mysterious as a format but those who participate testify that this approach produces unprecedented personal revelations and deep energetic transformation.

Techniques For Transformation And Growth

All of Lujan’s techniques are clearly defined, tangibly effective, and can immediately be applied whether one has previous experience with this kind of work or not. The profoundly meditative state that results from this application will bring about a laser-like clarity to your perception that is all-encompassing. This will in turn progressively open consciousness to ones personal source of inspiration, which informs and serves to guide you about needs, issues, and crucial directives pertinent to fully embracing your true potential.

These practices will also yield other remarkable results. One such primary outcome is a feeling of extreme comfort that develops whereby the body does not want to leave its newfound sanctuary of unadulterated silence, which is a powerful motivator for ongoing commitment to personal growth. Déjà vu and precognition are amongst the other unique types of seeing that will begin to emerge.

The Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake

Passing through these eight internal thresholds, guided by the steady instruction of Lujan’s voice, you will find yourself entering into a most exquisite state of inner silence. This uniquely effective technique, known as the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake, allows one to directly access the ever-present quietude at the center of ones being. Upon your rediscovery of this internal sanctuary, a profound trance-like inducement allows Lujan to guide you beyond any socialized barriers that may appear.

With practice the warrior begins to experience long periods of inner silence until it becomes second nature. As you become clearer, you will be able to view your life from a renewed perspective and determine fresh approaches to familiar circumstances. Previously unseen solutions naturally present themselves and new neural pathways are formed, supporting your continuous evolution upon a path of heart.

Return To Body Consciousness

Lujan will instruct you how to dive deeply into the center of your photonic potential and become grounded within the central matrix of your body consciousness. The practice will not only affect the practitioner but also anybody in their immediate vicinity, propelling them into inner silence and a feeling of exquisite comfort.

Using a remarkably simple method, Lujan will show you how to redirect your eyes, ears and breath to the appropriate directions in order to reclaim an original state of pure being.

This arrival allows a permanent change of what one has become aware of and cultivates an enduring connection with our original nature. The practical applications of these techniques, based upon the principles of Being, Knowing And Not-Doing, are outlined in detail in the workbook manual Whisperings of the Dragon: Shamanic Practices to Awaken Your Primal Power, which Lujan specifically wrote as a guideline for this course. His latest publication, Who Am I, is also provided to more deeply elucidate the subtler aspects of empathic communion.

Healing Meditation

The Healing Meditation is an ancient technique to connect the hands with the lower cauldron. This practice facilitates enormous amounts of bioelectromagnetic energy to stream through the body, which allows you to view your own luminous cocoon from within and direct your chi for healing.

You will simultaneously learn a method to generate and circulate the energy from food around the body so as to allow the body to become physically stronger.

The effect of this meditative system is that it changes the bioelectromagnetic field to accommodate quantum shifts for the individual practitioner. Additionally it will inadvertently restructure the fundamental fabric of ones environment via universal principles of modulation and resonance.

In essence, recalibration of the elements derived from the quantum reality will adapt in true correspondence to the directives of the command issued by the consciousness at the time of arrival within any given moment.

Five online sessions
Available in private and group settings