Events with Lujan Matus

The regular teaching schedule in Lo Ban Pai with the master intuitive empath Lujan Matus involves small groups of two to four people. These courses take place in Sedona, Arizona.In response to student requests for individualized attention exclusive one-on-one private training with Lujan is now available at an additional cost. This option is for those who wish to ensure that no other students attend for tuition at the same time. If you would like to request this option please register below and select private tuition.For students who wish to repeat a program they have already undertaken, we offer a 25 percent reduction in price. This discount does not apply to online courses.

Online Spiritual Guidance is also available in private and group formats.

After you submit your registration we will contact you with the dates available for the specific programs you would like to attend. Please advise us of your preferred month of attendance.

Prices of your selected courses will be provided upon completion of the registration form.

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Learning Lo Ban Pai

Lo Ban Pai forms are taught during week-long programs, following a natural learning curve that builds essential skills from the foundation up. Students are fully equipped to apply the practices of each series once the course is completed. Lujan Matus is a master of engaging intuitively from an empathic perspective to access the most potent axis of transformation in any given circumstance.

This means that what arrives naturally in terms of an evolutionary process of personal and collective awakening is always taken into full account and every course introduces unique elements.

All forms incorporate moving, sitting and standing postures that encourage the body to establish a true link to gravity in terms of the magnetism that can be applied. Each component of Lo Ban Pai offers a distinct contribution to the system as an integrated whole and can be combined in correspondence with other forms along a progressive path of learning.