Small Mountain completes the trinity begun by the Three Treasures. A dynamic combat set that is paired with the Jaguar series and adds straight line thrusting applications,

this vital practice develops focus and third eye awareness applied in immediate recapitulation, or direct knowing.

Incorporating blunt force and heavy electromagnetic impulses, it develops the potency of one’s personal gravity in terms of its outward expression manifesting as propulsive impact. Upon integration of this set, consciousness shifts from one level to another very quickly.

Small Mountain and Jaguar: Twin Forms

The Jaguar and Small Mountain sequences introduce fast coiling methods that apply Lo Ban Pai principles within a martial format that is esoterically bound. It is the truest expression of the Tao. Tumultuous waters always find their rest within great depth.

Jaguar and Small Mountain forms are the twin reflection of heaven and earth integrating within the heart of man. One employs the torsion field and many applications of Mantis Fist, and the other utilizes the Hurricane Fist as its primary modus operandi.

Traditionally taught and practiced individually to highlight and refine aspects of form, energy cultivation and perceptual speed, both Jaguar and Small Mountain cause the phenomenon of time-space displacement via the coiling motions.

Once both sets have been assimilated individually, they are absorbed into the Three Treasures form and become amalgamated as one integral whole.

Hurricane Fist and Energetic Vortices

Small Mountain is a rapid coiling set with a focus on applying power in straight-line thrusting movements combined with the shadowless elbow. Powerfully positioned in front of the center of the solar plexus, these physical placements strengthen the willpower and determination of the practitioner.

This form adopts slow oscillating movements that create a gyroscopic effect within the central axis whilst maintaining a strongly grounded foundation. This renders the practitioner unpredictable for an opponent, not too dissimilar to a drop of water that lands on a spinning top and cannot find traction.

The main differences between the Jaguar Series and Small Mountain is that the latter employs a unique gateway that is generated by the hurricane fist. This technique is married with the shadowless elbow to create twin cone-like vortices that subtly displace the time-space continuum. These miniature torsion fields, or etheric mandalas, allow the warrior retrospective glimpses into the unknown.

Small Mountain Martial Expression

Small Mountain adds the element of an explosive force within its application. This energy comes from an advantageous position created by dominating the bridge through blocking, deflecting or locking the opponent. The shadowless elbow appears and disappears unexpectedly, which increases the power of the trapping, stripping and locking applications that follow it. Lujan will meticulously explain each of these techniques and principles as they are introduced.

While the Jaguar has a wide view or awareness – like radar – Small Mountain adds a component of direct laser focus that explodes out of coiling and back again. The speed at which this switch takes place, when first experienced, seems astounding and is a testament to how this skill is built up in preparation phases.

Empathic Attunement

Even though this is a martial set, its primary emphasis – as for everything in Lo Ban Pai – is on the growth of one’s perception into heightened realities that reveal the unfolding labyrinth that is our attention as beings upon an evolutionary path.

Small Mountain enhances focus within the midst of its complexity. This builds on the foundation of the Jaguar, which empowers a scanning awareness that can now dart instant flashes of insight to the warrior.

At this stage of training Lujan always emphasizes stillness within motion, for the application of knowledge is empty if one does not embody wisdom.

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