The Windlock system is a physical regimen that literally reshapes the body inside and out,

stimulating energy flow whilst awakening the chakras and internal organs through specific, targeted shock motions that bi-directionally activate the inguinal crease (known as the Qua) in combination with the shoulder nest. This program provides the essential elements often neglected or concealed in most energy cultivation disciplines and expands upon dragon coiling techniques introduced in Opening the Tao. One of the most magnetic and electric of the initiation forms, Windlock is dynamic within its application and develops fortitude and directness.

Packing Chi

The Windlock system is an invigorating practice that balances energy channels and reshapes the body. Its dynamic movements are performed in static postures while specific breathing is applied. This form solicits rapid physical transformation and raises one’s optimism.

Energy and Body Consciousness

Lujan emphasizes the importance of the physical body as an integral part of spiritual development. Windlock activates the bioelectromagnetic field in specific ways to prepare it as a vehicle for the warrior to cultivate energy for enhanced awareness. At a fundamental level it elevates the practitioner’s body consciousness as their primary vehicle for transformation.

Transformational Results

Windlock is extremely rejuvenating and fortifies immunity through cleansing the lymphatic system and reverses one’s biological clock. After practicing this athletic form for six months, your body will return to a late teens/early twenties physique. Optimal results are obtained by adopting a specific dietary regime that supports this process.

(See Raw Food Solution for detailed information on complementary nutritional options)

The Windlock system helps unite one’s inner core within a central energetic matrix that runs from the perineum to the crown. It tightens and binds the muscles to the bones, causing the warrior to have an extremely lean and muscular appearance.

Cultivation of an Energetic Framework

Windlock develops an abstract container around the body: a defined framework in space. This energetic perimeter sets up internal reference points inside the container that alerts the warrior to their internal power. This includes knowing where optimal movements start and stop, which in turn develops the recoil response applied in the advanced practice of Shadow Fist Kung Fu.

Windlock movements give linear shocks to the limbs that send energy in spirals through the body. These waves activate specific chakras determined by which movement is performed. The practice simultaneously opens and clears the meridian system to create an unimpeded bio-electromagnetic flow of chi, but maintains it within the integral perimeter, a sealed space.

A Shaman’s Viewpoint

Windlock is the empath’s guide to power and enables the warrior to embody the essence of the Taoist way. Through these movements, joy and happiness will be in abundance by virtue of one’s youth returning. The contained energetic framework cultivated through Windlock will also support your internal resilience via the magnetism obtained through persistent practice.

Martial Arts

The Windlock System supplies the warrior with the fundamentals of Shadow Fist Kung Fu. No matter which style one practices, it is imperative to integrate the Windlock techniques to establish the power necessary to be effective whilst remaining as stable as an oak tree and as flexible as bamboo.

At the end of this program Lujan will also introduce Shadow Fist applications that increase one’s personal power and build confidence.

It is not required to be a kung fu practitioner to succeed in this program. It is only necessary to apply oneself to the principles of what one is learning. In essence the word ‘kung fu’ means to develop personal integrity through the act of devoting oneself to a practice.

In the Windlock program you will learn:

  • Binding core muscles to the central matrix
  • Age-reversal techniques
  • Locking movements
  • Opening, clearing and balancing of energy meridians
  • Toning of internal organs, reinvigorate chakras
  • Increasing the perimeter of the energy bubble
  • Harmonization of left and right hemispheres via increasing one’s neuroplasticity

Optimal practice time: early morning.

5 Day Program