Gravity is a very beautiful, simple system of elegant movements that aligns the practitioner with the six directions,

introduces the harmonies and establishes the foundation for the luminous cocoon as an energy bubble to be tangibly realized. It is an indoor practice deeply grounded within the innermost structure of Lo Ban Pai that activates the capacity for the practitioner to connect with the inner workings of the fascia via internal alignments that are applied within every other form. Though Gravity contains advanced teachings, it is essential that it be implemented at the very beginning since it establishes crucial principles for all following programs.

Introduction to the Six Directions and the Two Harmonies

Being instructed in the Gravity series informs your biofield how to focus your energy within the six directions and contains detailed teachings in the application of the harmonies.

In the beginning of this program you will learn how to focus your intention in a forward, linear fashion, which, in combination with further techniques that are revealed in this form, develops your capacity to internally activate your radiance.

Gravity practices inevitably expand the voluminous viscosity of the energy bubble, 360-degrees and in the six directions, which will continue to increase in both scope and density as one matures in this discipline.

Photons and the Expansion of Radiance

Regularly performing the Gravity series will allow you to obtain the intentions within another’s body when you are in proximity with them, as long as your intent is pure. It will also develop your capacity to intuitively know when another human being’s awareness is focused upon your luminous bubble, even from great distances. These abilities are contingent upon an empty perspective on your part, one that bears no agenda.

In tandem with the physical gestures, you will learn methods of sending your etheric roots deep into the ground and simultaneously drawing energy from the sky into the body. Practitioners report powerful sensations during these exercises that confirm reciprocity from the environment.

One’s field of potential becomes so voluminous that this practice eventually yields access to the matrix that is the blueprint of the planet.

Elements that bear relevance to your circumstance are naturally revealed as you absorb chi from the environment. In other words, information about what is currently active in that vast auric field spontaneously becomes available to your awareness.

Some have referred to this kind of phenomena as accessing the Akashic files, which is most often interpreted as a kind of cosmic vault of past and future records. This framework within itself opens up the contradictory terms of time being identified in a linear format. However, our actual experience also encompasses non-linear processes, within the profound mysteries of our circumstance revealing itself in the ever-present moment that is continually escaping us.

Health and Magnetism

Gravity increases the practitioner’s ability to absorb and store the appropriate light photons, which the body innately knows to draw towards itself. It will always take exactly what is needed and nothing more, if that particular frequency is available in the surrounding environment.

Amongst the treasures belonging to the Gravity series is a rare technique that teaches you how to use the lower dantien to increase the capacity of the body to send chi into the four extremities through a method of compression that allows one to collect and store energy.

Essential breathing techniques are introduced that deepen your connection to the practice and educate one to the subtle yet crucial difference that refined breath work makes to movement, presence and perception.

Harvesting Electromagnetic Chi

Through profound grounding and bone alignment techniques, combined with specific visualizations, Gravity opens up internal spiral pathways within the biofield to facilitate an unimpeded flow of electric and magnetic chi.

No previous training or experience is required to engage in this form, and profound outcomes will be observable from the beginning. Extraordinary collective results have been experienced during Gravity workshops, whereby entire groups are simultaneously affected by pronounced electromagnetic phenomena.

Connectivity and Lo Ban Pai

Though a standalone practice within itself, the principles of Gravity fortify every other form. Through applying what is learned in this primary series your gestures will become infused with tangible vitality, which directly allows one to realize the importance of this finely tuned connection to our electric and magnetic potential, both in Lo Ban Pai and in life.

5 Day Program