The Jaguar series focuses on advanced dragon coiling that integrates the lower cauldron, throat, and crown as one unit through the Fibonacci principle of internal torsion.

This, in turn, empowers the toroidal field of the heart to expand beyond its known limits. A forward-thrusting, spiraling motion system containing compact, close-quarter gestures, Jaguar movements appear where you don't expect due to their uncanny speed.

Jaguar and Small Mountain: Twin Forms

The Jaguar and Small Mountain sequences introduce fast coiling methods that apply Lo Ban Pai principles into a martial format that is esoterically bound. It is the truest expression of the Tao. Tumultuous waters always find their rest within great depth.

Jaguar and Small Mountain are the twin reflection of heaven and earth integrating within the heart of man. One employs the torsion field and many applications of Mantis Fist, and the other utilizes the Hurricane fist as its primary modus operandi.

Traditionally taught and practiced individually to highlight and refine aspects of form, energy cultivation and perceptual speed, both Jaguar and Small Mountain cause the phenomenon of time-space displacement via the coiling motions.

Once both sets have been assimilated individually, they are absorbed into the Three Treasures form and become amalgamated as one integral whole.

Dynamic Application of Energy Cultivation

The Jaguar series utilizes the principles of the Windlock system, Whispering Palms and the Three Treasures as its foundation. Thus, when the warrior begins the Jaguar series, the groundwork has been laid on many levels.

Windlock prepares the musculature, tendons, and ligaments while instilling optimized movement skills within a well-defined and contained area around the body.

Whispering Palms opens the meridian system – the electromagnetic pathways of the body – and supports the development of high-level, applied awareness both in stillness and in motion.

The Three Treasures unifies the potency of the three cauldrons to generate internal stability, cohesion, and abundance in terms of one’s perceptual capacity to unify all forms of separatism within one’s self.

Shadow Fist Kung Fu Principles

The Jaguar employs the graceful coiling movements of Spiral Energetics at full speed. It is the first of two foundation sets in the close-quarter combat skills of Lo Ban Pai. This training covers many levels and topics, including:

  • Mastering timing and momentum, as spiraling movements, transition into explosive energetic applications and return back into complex dragon coiling sequences.
  • Changing between left and right while maintaining flow as specific gathering gestures enliven gravitational forces that lie dormant in the left and right sides of the physical body.

  • Torsion field sequences that generate potency within one’s personal power while absorbing the incoming force of the electromagnetic potential surrounding the body.
  • The application of the shadowless elbow to create cone-like vortexes that subtly interrupt the present time-space continuum. This allows the practitioner intimate glimpses into the unknown, whilst in the midst of dynamic action.

Adaptation and Formlessness

Practicing the Jaguar Series opens energy channels that give rise to spontaneous realizations. This awareness is governed by formlessness, yet adapts into the form that is required based on the frequential exchange presented in one’s living circumstances.

In this program the initiate will awaken to their ability to flow with what is required in each situation. The intricate and advanced receptive faculties of your neural network will be activated. This is truly the inherent magic of Lo Ban Pai.

Spirituality and Body Consciousness

The human form can be utilized as a vehicle towards spiritual enlightenment. However, its purpose is often misunderstood or a subject of theoretical discussion, rather than functional application.

The Jaguar Series develops specific skills through powerfully applied movements that open the physical gateways to quantum realities. It involves the development of refined awareness in areas like speed and the application of silence whilst in motion, as well as feeling, trusting and following the body.

Quantum Universal Awareness

These movements serve as a gateway to awaken the warrior to their dreaming awareness as a tool that can be applied in daily life. The outcome of a disciplined practice of the Jaguar Series is an increase in lucidity that allows the seer to access external visual imagery as composites of data that are usually out of the range of human perception.

Each reality that we become aware of through the practice of Lo Ban Pai reveals unique aspects of the individual’s signature applied to that communion. When the initiate accesses these portholes, interdimensional phase-shifting occurs and information is then absorbed. In this process, the seer’s resonant field morphs and energetically reflects its own findings through the practitioner’s personal communion, which conversely will affect the world at large.

5 Day Program