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Lo Ban Pai – the Art of Spiral Energetics – is an ancient esoteric system of spiritual development, a highly refined internal practice, that has been hidden for centuries. It consists of a combination of dynamic and meditative movements that promote energy enhancement and assists in the cultivation of the intuitive empath from within.

Lo Ban Pai will help you:

• Increase your energy• Cultivate personal power• Awaken heart consciousness• Access your third eye capacity• Promote optimal health and vitality• Improve muscle strength and flexibility• Experience heightened states of awareness

It is a unique coiling system that applies the golden ratio spiral principles of the Tao.


Lo Ban Pai Training Programs

To enable students who attend in block weeks to learn in a traditional way, Lujan has developed standardized programs. This involves teaching certain details ahead of curriculum to lay a foundation that prepares students for future training while ensuring progression along a basic-to-advanced learning path.


Lujan Matus: The founder of Lo Ban Pai

Lujan Matus is a master intuitive empath with a unique ability to immerse individuals and groups in a rarefied state where the subtle currents of the interconnective universe become tangible.
Lujan’s comprehensive teachings provide lasting tools to allow one to recognize and develop their own personal relationship with the unknown.


Book Excerpts

The Heart of Hearts: The Crucifixion

An altered perspective of Christianity.


Who Am I?

An exciting new book coming.


Books, Audio, Video & More

As a teacher and guide, Lujan offers tools and techniques that allow you to recognize and develop your own personal relationship with the unknown. He embraces the all-encompassing view of empathy and compassion as the essential foundation of his philosophical approach.


Mindfulness Meditation

A journey towards one's life path viewed from within

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