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Testimonial – Lo Ban Pai Training with Lujan Matus

Sedona. Red rock. Blue sky. Long twilights. Friends & Conversation. Lujan.

The more I study with Lujan Matus the more difficult it becomes to write about my experiences. So much of what happens in his presence is impossible to relate. And yet…

I am here in Sedona with others to learn the Three Treasures. The friendship we share is part of the lesson of these weeks. We lean into each other. We talk and sit in silence. We listen to each other’s hearts. As Lujan tells us: eat, drink, and be merry.

The days are filled with the simple joy of being in this magical place. Of being with Lujan, sharing his space and energy, listening and watching, learning from him, studying the moves, and of course sharing in his humor, his indomitable laughter.

The second week the group grows larger. Dynamics change. It continues to be a time of watching, listening, assimilating the gestures behind the moves, learning, always learning from the master.

There are no words to describe the respect I have for Lujan Matus. He is a master teacher—and so much more. I realize he has eschewed titles. He realizes the danger in attaching a name to who he is. But I know he is a powerful force in this world and with each meeting, my regard and esteem for what he does grows, and, it goes without saying, my deep appreciation and gratitude.

The Consolidation practice Lujan teaches us is called Radiance: a series of static movements with breathwork designed to bring about supreme bodily and mental relaxation as well as a state of vigilance. The energy in the room while we practice is palpable.

So much to think about, posture, relaxing the muscles, the tendons, directing the energy body and so much more. My hands and arms fill with electricity as I will my breath into the four directions. I begin to think of going down, beneath the ground, and later in the month will walk once again among the powerful giant Sequoias in California that pull my friend and I down into the earth with their massive gravity even as they reach upward to touch the heavens.

I am reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda. In it, he tells of his experiences and relationship with his guru and master, Sri Yukteswar. His devotion is complete. His intent unwavering. This is not to say difficulties don’t arise, and as a student, Yogananda sometimes suffers from the emotions and failings that arise in us as human beings. But his master’s love is unconditional.

Little to nothing happens in this life without some meaning. Timing is all. The teachings Lujan transmits in Sedona and the series learned combined with the breathing techniques have induced a great change in me. Never before have I come home and practiced with such devotion; my meditations take on a new level of awareness; my vibrational energies are rising.

I wish to reach out to each of you reading this. In watching the videos and reading the essays submitted for the scholarship, I was amazed and humbled by the sincerity expressed. Within this community, we find our voices and though the journey is often a solitary one, we find friendships that must be cherished for what they are—fellow travelers along the way that provide support and sustenance. From our hearts, we reach out to one another. In all humbleness, I send love and strength to each and every one of you. We are so fortunate to have found Lujan. Or perhaps I should say for him to have found us.

Those I studied with in Sedona stay in my heart along with the red rock and sunsets of that beautiful lonely country. We are in constant contact with each other and with others.

I love you, Lujan.


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