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We invite you to explore the profound relationship between meditation and movement in a captivating dialogue with Lujan Matus.

The quest to understand the universal mind lies at the heart of this exploration. The journey begins within the confines of our physical form.

Lujan emphasizes that to access meditative states truly, we must first journey through the body, understanding and releasing its frequencies. In its physicality, the body can access contemplative realms more readily than a mind confined in stillness.

This concept is profound. It suggests that before reaching an expansive state of consciousness or the universal mind, we must free ourselves from the physical and emotional chains that bind us. This freedom is not about disregarding our physical form but rather understanding, respecting, and releasing it.

As we delve deeper, we come to realize that being “mindful” isn’t the end goal. Instead, the realization of a universal cosmic force solidifies our reality. Our true challenge lies in navigating this vast expanse, achieving a heart awareness, and engaging in genuine communion.

In this transformative discourse, Lujan Matus offers a perspective that beckons us to look beyond the obvious, challenging us to release our physical confines, confront our internal dialogues, and journey toward the universal mind. It’s an invitation to freedom, an opportunity to experience a greater reality.

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