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Excerpted from Who Am ?: An In-Depth Guide To Empathic Communion by Lujan Matus.


After reading a letter Lujan had written following a post-death visitation from his father, I found myself looking at life with new eyes. The feeling reminded me of being sleep deprived and reaching a plateau of blessed equanimity; I was experiencing that very particular sensation of witnessing everything with the lucent gaze of one who doesn’t have the resources to invest precious energy in the superfluous.

In this relaxed state, aversions, and attractions, persona and identity, opinions and judgments, all fall by the wayside. One just is, and circumstances are simply as they are; bursting with the possibilities that present themselves within the new horizons that appear when we let go of what we were previously involved with.

What Lujan had revealed in that letter about illusions and the concept that life is composed of suffering was both disturbing and soothing at the same time. After reading it, I had the peculiar impression that a veil was continually being lifted, as quickly as it endlessly reformed itself.

I felt vulnerable but unconcerned, alert but empty, weary yet wiser, uplifted by a renewed sense of appreciation for the ephemeral world. What an unexpected relief to be freed of certainty through acknowledging the extent of my utter subjectivity. Noticing how deeply I had been affected, I wanted to share this revelation, to help release others from the spellbinding hypnotism of individual and collective bias.

It was clear that this was not something to be realized just once but a never-ending, moment-to-moment lesson to be learnt. I felt the simplicity of this information was so elegant that it could be immediately useful to just about anyone, and it thrilled me to imagine what a powerful effect it could have on many people’s lives.

This gossamer-fine state of consciousness had been activated by a few words that in essence described how we are suffering an illusion. I had heard this before and in countless ways! Yet somehow it hit me this time with an entirely new impact. I had gained a means to disengage my own conditioning simply by getting a glimpse at how deeply subjective our human perspective is and recognizing how much more is missed than is understood, at any given point in time. It was obvious right away that something was emerging that had to be shared.

The pervasive influence of bias in our lives is largely ignored or defended, at greater cost than we can afford to sustain. We need to completely revise the way we function, by actively applying adaptive perspectives that allow us to constantly recalibrate ourselves within the subtle dynamics of every moment we are confronted with. This fluid awareness will assist in illuminating the areas of our life that are not being noticed, so we can observe within our emptiness what is truly manifesting around us.

I will let you discover for yourself how the content of the initial text fractally unfolded into what has become the most surprising of Lujan’s books so far. What poured out of his mouth and into these pages truly seemed to be writing itself at times. It was a delight to witness and had us listening with great interest as each chapter was revealed before our eyes.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention something about Lujan’s character that may not necessarily be apparent to those who come across him through his writings, and that is his fundamental joyousness.

On numerous occasions, I have witnessed a person who meets Lujan or hears his voice for the first time be taken aback by his good humor and abandoned laughter. Many are shocked to realize how gentle and lighthearted the person behind these teachings is in real life, for the gravity of his information has somehow led them to imagine a very serious figure. In fact, I also had an inaccurate impression prior to meeting Lujan, after hearing about him through a good friend’s stories, which may be why I felt compelled to speak about that now.

What comes through Lujan is pure insight and direct life experience. He does not dwell upon this or consider himself important as a result of what he has been able to access, for it is not his identity but his purpose; to bring as many people as can listen into spheres of awareness that facilitate true growth. In this book he does a great job of conveying the intricacies of how we can all learn to access these innately human faculties within ourselves, bringing hope, clarity, and heart to one’s path.

Directly related to Whisperings of the Dragon, this book will also unlock new understandings and provide alternate perspectives on previous material. The profound and pragmatic truths that a person of power can acquire on the journey of life always reveal themselves anew as we grow into our availability to assimilate what we are ready for. To quote Lujan:

“To be somebody we must learn to be nobody, for only then do we arrive upon our sacred chance to be of service.”

The world is calling us to hear it directly in our hearts. We need to remember how. We need to wake up and change accordingly. I sincerely hope it’s not too late, for each and every one of us.

Naomi Jean.