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Testimonial – Whispering Palms Workshop with Lujan Matus

Whispering Palms is the second Lo Ban Pai series that I have learned, after Dragon’s Tears. Even if both of them are soft forms, I feel Whispering Palms series even softer; there is a lot of slow, almost imperceivable external movement, which makes it very deep and challenging internally. Deep, because it makes my body aware of everything around it and challenging because this (new) awareness brings also to the surface what is hidden within: buried emotions, situations that need closure, biases that still exist, etc.

After practicing for about three weeks I see how it realigns my body posture: spine, legs, shoulders, ribs, hips. For as long as I can remember, I was walking with my right foot on the inner side (all my shoes were blunt inside, at the heel). Now, while practicing, I observe my body “locking” itself in the correct posture, forcing the right foot to stay flat on the floor, with no swimming knees. I can feel this is the correct posture, even if sometimes my mind fights against it, for not being the most comfortable position; the one it has been used to.

For me, this form represents internal alchemy: it transforms whatever it finds inside. It opens clogged vessels, it cleans, it unblocks, it rearranges. It is a form that instills responsibility for my own life, actions, thoughts, intentions, and gestures, in a very gentle and subtle way.

By clearing the inner mess, it makes space for tolerance, compassion, gratitude, patience, and acceptance. Its simplicity is beautiful, gentle and powerful at the same time.

Being part of organizing this workshop and being close to Lujan and Mizpah was an experience that I couldn’t even dream of! Thank you, Janina, for this opportunity and for being next to me in this journey.

It is a privilege and I cannot put into words how grateful I am for having the opportunity to meet such magnificent human beings in this lifetime. Once you witness their level of integrity, unbiased existence, transparency, open heart, and communication, you don’t have the excuse anymore to say “yes, but this world is like this or like that and I have to adjust (aka compromise on my inner truth) in order to survive”. Being witness to a true level of communion and communication is a blessing, a life-changing experience, the reference point that, once you have seen it, you cannot unsee.

Meeting Lujan and Lo Ban Pai has changed my existence in ways that I can only start to glance at. It is not an easy path to walk on, but it is the only path worth walking on. There are days full of uncertainty, others full of thoughts and mind scenarios, full of fear or sorrow, full of joy and lightheartedness. And I am grateful for each of them because they only get me closer to the being living inside my body. The more (social) masks I take off, the more gentle I become.

Lo Ban Pai has a palpable effect on the body – I feel it changing physically, I look in the mirror and I see how my body and my face change. Even my voice.

It is a blessing to experience this. Thank you, Lujan, for sharing this long-forgotten wisdom with us and for being such a loving human being.