My training in Awakening The Energy Body began somewhat differently to how I’d expected. I practiced and ensured I kept my body healthy over the weekend that followed Whispering Palms as I was aware that the week ahead would be physically more testing. Despite this I picked up an unknown illness and sadly missed the first training session as I wasn’t sure if my condition was contagious, promising myself a quick recovery for the following day.

That evening as I fell asleep I found myself in the white void with an individual and perhaps some others. I can remember being guided through some training, the exact detail I can’t quite recall yet but it was beautiful, expressive coiling motions that have a direct connection the Mayan dragon Quetzalcoatl. I was informed of the significance of this and was shown through a shape I had tattooed on my arm how the body can perform in coiling motions. I was also told that my illness was part of my training, a purging of sorts to detoxify my body. I awoke on a few occasions during the experience saying the reassuring words ‘this is the training’ to myself.

As I awoke on the second day, I had noticed my condition had reduced significantly. I contacted Lujan and told him I would be at the session and that I was feeling good. After my morning Lo Ban Pai practice I ventured out for breakfast, hydrating my body with fruit and water. Within an hour I could feel an intense stirring in my lower abdomen / lower dantien area. My physical symptoms returned extremely rapidly and I immediately navigated my way back to my hotel and contacted Lujan to cancel the session. I was experiencing a digestive detoxing, and had noticed on the two previous days how my condition had worsened after consuming food. I popped out for some water and natural medicine Lujan recommend to assist my recovery and on my return retired to bed for rest until the morning.

I awoke on Wednesday to the familiar sound of my alarm clock but in addition to this a strange sensation. In the darkness of the room I could see I had a large bug resting on the end of my left hand index finger. I calmly turned the light on and looked at it wondering what was going on and after a few moments contained it in an empty glass and tossed it onto the balcony. Whatever its purpose, it got me out of bed and within a short while into my practice. I contacted Lujan and told him I was fit and able to attend as I could see my symptoms had almost completely disappeared. I could notice however, what appeared to be some kind of inflammation on the left hand side of my forehead and to touch it felt like my skull had reformed somehow.

After a morning of gently refueling my body in preparation, I was grateful to arrive at Lujan’s in good shape. We had a little catching up to do and once we had started going through the set I could feel that this was going to be quite a shock to my body. Lujan pressed on my physical weakness with humor, and as the session progressed I became very aware that I had much work to do with the exercises. Another exciting challenge to embrace and Lujan informed me that this would clearly reveal to me where my limitations are. I had quite a reaction to the training over the following days and hobbled around Siem Reap as my muscles tried desperately to recover each day.

I practiced the movements I’d learnt from Awakening The Energy Body the next morning and could feel the muscles in my legs were being heavily affected. I began my daily Golden Lotus practice afterwards and immediately noticed I had become profoundly altered. The impact was immediate and the increased affect was noticed right at The Gateway of the Golden Lotus. The movements became much more electrified and I forgot myself numerous times as I practiced the set. This affect was much more significantly than normal and a direct result of introducing what I’d learnt in yesterdays training. It demanded more of nothing from me and if I became too invested somehow I would forget the next movement and would need to pause to allow silence to return. In this altered state I could see clearly blue waves of energy trailing my hands and colored droplets and sparks appearing at the end of the spiraling, coiling motions and a beckoning milky way textured grey spiral appearing in my lower cauldron as the movements performed.

My experiences at night had become vivid and significant since arriving in Siem Reap. Dreaming wasn’t something I had any real interest in prior to my training but these experiences were so much more than a dream. I had become aware of the shadows infiltration and had noticed just before I fell asleep at night as I lay in my bed, that they waited above me circling around and as I began drifting off to sleep or fell drowsy they often applied images and audio that was quite clearly foreign to me. The phrase ‘dripping with blood’ and moments later an image of an unknown insignificant man was inserted on this occasion. This was interesting as I can now identify these onslaughts and feel them as foreign in a way I couldn’t before. This identification is enabling me to catch my internal dialogue quicker during my normal waking life and I can now begin to prevent myself losing valuable energy. I’ve realized how significant it is to not leave anything undone in life, do what needs to be done and to always love what you do so the energy is there to to do more of what you love.

The physical training progressed very enjoyably and I was glad to be able to laugh off aspects of my physical weakness when practicing despite feeling a little frustrated within myself. In moments of note taking and discussion with Lujan I had begun to recognize shifts that I can’t quite explain. One that has struck me was how in the middle of the session it seemed as though we had switched to another parallel time. All of a sudden a switch was flicked, I had forgotten what Lujan had been saying but was full cognizant of what he had begun saying. The best way I can describe this is the exchange of a train on a railway line from one track to another all of a sudden, perhaps changing direction ever so slightly.

I drifted off to sleep that evening and found myself somewhere different, possibly the construction of another individual which appeared red in color as opposed to the white expansive voids I’d previously experienced. I was greeted and guided by a female who informed me that I must be aware of emotional infiltration by shadow beings which is an attempt to manipulate and waylay me emotionally during dreaming. This was demonstrated with the image of my grandmother and I was instructed to press on this image in a certain way to reveal its authenticity. During the dream I had momentarily awoken a few times and had noticed that there was an entity in my room coiling around, over and through my body, mimicking a dragon type movement. It was disruptive and trying to divert my attention, moving through the center of my back and out of my heart. It was quite repulsive motions and approach to me.

As I drifted back, I was then perhaps guided through some other training of which I can’t yet recall. I remember next performing some spiraling movements while observing my tattoo on my arm. I was instructed to further decorate my body with these protective, guiding and sacred images of the Mayan dragon Quetzalcoatl. As this experience finished I was gifted some type of essence of this dragon by means of a blow to my chest, into my being via my heart. The impact awoke me abruptly in my bed and as I recalled the experience I felt fully the significance and magic of what had just occurred. It wasn’t until I had been awake for a few minutes that I realized I was laying down with my hands firmly pressed on my hips, in a stance someone might make when observing a magnificent view from a great summit.

Lujan kindly offered additional tuition and we fitted in extra hours whenever suitable. I can’t call this ‘lost time’ as what occurred in place of what was expected seemed so appropriate and compelling. I’m now at the end of the weeks training and as a result gathering my insights and experiences while writing this testimonial.

Another recollection I have is awaking on Saturday night with an intense but beautiful energy over my body that covered the area my crown to my heart center. It felt like something was leaving my body and although I didn’t open my eyes once during the experience I could visually see a hazy blue light slowly working on my body. I sighed in approval as the feelings in my body were blissful. At some point I fell back to sleep but awoke again. This time an energy was emphasized on my stomach area and as just before I opened my eyes I had a flash image of a small grey being. I was experiencing a lot of pain in that area and was extremely uncomfortable. I was pinned back by this force and was held to the mattress of my bed. I reached my right hand onto my abdomen and could feel my muscles were contracting uncontrollably as I was subject to this unknown presence and energy.

The week has been extremely trans-formative. Lujan spoke spontaneously of great subjects many of which have had a profound affect on me. All of which are assisting my ongoing growth and commitment to continue to awaken myself, my truth and expand my consciousness as an individual. I’m very much looking forward to reading one story in particular on his blog very soon. Through the movements of Awakening The Energy Body I have become increasingly aware of how delicately connected our physicality is to certain aspects of our energy field and how vital the lower dantien is to us all. I feel truly privileged to be studying this sacred art form of Lo Ban Pai with Lujan.

Through the study of this set I have recognized I’m not willing to stand down from my truth. I now have medicine to apply to my circumstances on my return home and I’m grateful – I will speak to what I become aware of. The realizations are conscious expanding and it’s only the challenges that present us with the opportunity for growth. What is the worst that could happen?

My answer to that is that one never walked the path of courage to do what needs to be done, taking the steps required in any circumstances to better themselves and those around them accordingly. Empowerment comes directly from responsibility, courage and honesty and as Henk so kindly and gently pointed out on the blog recently – we are all capable.

London, UK

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