I arrived in Siem Reap and had a few days to settle in before the training started. Lujan had arranged to meet me in advance and I was greeted with his infectious smile and loving energy. We walked to his apartment and discussed the training and local area in detail. We then took a short walk to a cafe that he recommended.

As we walked he pointed out healthy spots for eating and relaxing. We arrived in the cafe and ordered some drinks. What struck me immediately was how Lujan gave everyone 100% of himself, an offering from his heart through his eyes. I began to feel uneasy with myself as I became aware of my feelings that arose from what I was observing. The training had begun, and within the short time of being in the cafe with Lujan I realised I was quite unsure of myself and recognised my natural shyness.

Although confronting, it felt beautiful and I could recognise myself clearly in the moment. Lujan talked with the staff, they quite clearly loved him very much. So much so that a girl had brought her wedding photos in to show him. I stumbled on myself as Lujan looked through her photos, wanting to contribute but not sure how.

We left the cafe and walked by Lujan’s apartment just so I could remember where it was. We parted and I returned to my hotel where I reflected on myself.

Later that evening I walked out into the town for dinner. On my return home, as I walked past a particular road, I remembered very vividly being there before with Lujan. I could remember it like it happened a few hours ago, just like when we walked back from the cafe but different. I could see the scene so clearly as he said ‘I’m going to go this way’ as we parted company. I stood bewildered in the road for a few minutes, it was so much more than déjà vu, it was a recollection, a remembering.

I arrived at the first training session and said to Lujan, ‘yesterday happened twice!’.

He laughed. I was also a little confused as I could clearly remember arriving at Lujan’s apartment in a different manner, being greeted differently than I had and the apartment being numbered differently. I even remembered Lujan repeating it to me in the lift to ensure I remembered. Later in the week I also recollected being in my hotel room before, almost identical but some how ever so slightly different.

As the session progressed I could feel something arising within me. A particular track played on his playlist and as Lujan spoke I began to cry. I was remembering something deep within me.

Lujan facilitated an environment where I could gently become aware of myself. I could easily notice when self importance, judgement or negativity arose within me. Lujan pointed out to me initially when this occurred, and I could feel his energy disengage from me if I spoke from those perspectives. It gave me a lot to reflect on over the week, and most sessions began with a need for me to discuss something that had happened the day before. Honesty is the catalyst for my growth.

The movements I was learning were magical. I reached many profound altered states during the training sessions and felt so beautifully empty inside. No thought and no words.

The movements of Whispering Palms were guiding me to my true self. Something I couldn’t previously perceive. I felt comfortable allowing the training to unfold naturally and I was at ease with myself in the learning process.

During the week I had realised that the training doesn’t stop when the sessions end each day. As I moved into the world before and after the sessions I found I was confronted with situations to practice the internal aspects of Lo Ban Pai that were needed for my growth. The training also continued in my dreams each night. Confronted with situations that needed addressing and guided to what needs to be done.

I found myself engulfed in a huge white void where I was accompanied by four people. I’d had previous encounters with these individuals but as yet I’m not familiar with who they all are. We stood and watched scenes unfold in front of me from future lives and past experiences and I was able to realise aspects of what my purpose is this incarnation. I was left with a riddle of sorts from one dream, where I could see my actions leaving an imprint in a particular environment.

In another, I was in a future incarnation with four or five other individuals. We had a specific purpose at hand and one of the individuals was addressing a vast crowd from a bamboo structure. I could see how my current life was interlinked and directly affecting that lifetime. It gave me many realisations on what I need to do and perhaps why.

These experiences were like dreams within a dream and there are many of great significance I’m unable to remember yet. In these dreams I would turn and look behind me and notice an Oriental warrior observing. Upon my noticing of him he would step forward purposefully and as his foot hit the ground I would awaken in bed. This all brought me to the realisation that our individual actions affect everything dimensionally on such a vast level I cannot even begin to comprehend it.

Learning Whispering Palms has been a wonderful experience. It compliments the initial sets of Lo Ban Pai and seems fundamental in understanding many of the movements that I’ve previously learned.

I have much to do on my return home and I’m looking forward to addressing those aspects of myself that need attention. In particular, I’ve recognised the difference between devotion and taking something too seriously. It’s ok for me to be my true developing self on my journey, that is my courage and honesty. I’m looking forward to continuing to develop a more compassionate and decisive approach to life, all with the assistance of Whispering Palms.

London, UK

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