Dear Lujan,

I have now finished reading all four of your books. I finished reading Shadows in the Twilight yesterday and afterwards I felt rocked to the core. I spiraled into apathy. I just wanted to return home, I realized that I never wanted to come here in the first place. Prior to this I thought I had cleared all my lower emotional debris away, however this emotional purge was so deep.

I cried tears of joy and relief this morning as I felt invigorated like never before. Something within me has awoken that has been dormant for a very long time.

In conclusion I would have to say that connecting to your energy has been like a roller-coaster ride and the bottom line is this — I got what I needed and Lujan I am so humbled and blessed by the experience.

And now my friend the void and emptiness of home beckons like a lovers kiss, and who am I to argue?

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