Excerpt from ‘The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception’.

I had fallen asleep early that evening and at about three o’clock in the morning was partially awoken by an urgent voice.

“Watch out! There’s a man coming.”

I opened my eyes in panic but couldn’t move my body quick enough and by the time I was in a state of realization to react, it was too late. The man had entered my room and had hit my internal organs. What I saw upon hearing the warning was a grayish whirlwind entering my room, making its way along the foot of my bed. This being had not touched me in a way that you could imagine being touched, but the impact of its presence injured me to such an extent that I was sick for four weeks solid. This event took place about two years after I met my benefactor, the Dream Maker, and I was incapable of dreaming for this period of time. The next opportunity I had to be in the Dream Maker’s realm was five weeks after the incident.

I woke up suddenly, not in my world, but into the domain of my wards. Opening my eyes I saw Lucien standing in front of me. His expression was calm and clear and when I told him what had occurred he replied matter-of-factly:

“The voice that awakened you to the man entering your room was an entity from our realm. That entity is your guardian and has been with you for many years. If you had been struck without being warned your injuries may have been fatal.

“There are men who live in your world that dream as you do. The man that struck you was the possessor of ancient information that has been passed down from generation to generation in his family. He had obviously seen the power that you possess and did not want you to succeed in your endeavors. These men are true sorcerers. They were and still are highly intelligent and sophisticated men in comparison to the general populous in their day and in ours, and they had and still have enormous amounts of energy from the secrets they possess. These old sorcerers still are, as they were centuries ago, heavily involved in the dark art of manipulating the psyche of their peers. They discovered through trial and error the fundamental building blocks of that psyche and manipulated it extensively so that they could gain the energy lost from those individuals through a repositioning of the fundamental base plate of their being, which is our primal imprint. They discovered that this fundamental building block, this first imprint, was sustained by pure energy that translated into explosive emotions of passion for life and intelligence. Because of their need to be superior they injected fear and moroseness into the inner landscape of humanity so that they could work on the base plate imprint that supplies integrity individually and collectively. Their prime objective was to break down the inner world that encompasses one’s personal power and then manipulate this world with their high level of intelligence and degrade the collective conceptualizations that lie within the truth of the heart, and when that collective power was lost they gained that power.

“And you may ask ‘How could this base plate imprint possibly be broken into?’. The way to see this is very simple. Imagine through the avenue of this pictorial analogy that I am to give you that the sensibilities that lie within one’s personality are like a mask or a shield. Knowing this is the first step. The second step is to discover and pinpoint areas within these sensibilities that are vulnerable and more available because of the importance attached to the belief systems that uphold the social fabric of that time. The third step that the old sorcerers took to break in to this base plate imprint was to put forth a random precept to discover what may offend that individual. But remember this insertion would be so subtle and so craftily done that the individual would not even be half aware of their reaction. Now this reaction within itself creates a crack in the mask or the protective shield that these individuals have placed in front of themselves. The fourth step that these old sorcerers employed was to peer into that crack, and the way this occurs is that the crack itself creates a looking glass into the weakest link of that individual’s integrity. Once they discovered this it was easy for them to dislodge any integral boundary that encompasses that individual’s personal power. Unfortunately these were the preliminary steps of the art of stalking.

“This dark method of stalking was passed from generation to generation orally and somewhere within this history they struck an agreement with the shadows and this agreement has been ongoing for millennia. What initially attracted the shadow entities to these men was their cold, calculating unemotional state, which in actual fact ended up being diametrically opposite to what they are attracted to now. In the beginning these beings were searching for a form of alignment that would allow them to cross the boundaries of perception so that they may go beyond what they were. But unfortunately the old sorcerers, as you know, had no control over their need for power and ended up abusing this relationship and tainting those entities with their corrupt intentions.”