I was camping with a friend and we had noticed a strange character observing us.

At this point I was catching a monitor lizard so as to have a closer look at it. The lizard was about six feet long and quite large. I put the lizard down and looked up at this particular individual and as our eyes met he grabbed his crutch and said, ‘What are you looking at?’

His gesture was like a hot-tempered Italian would make to you if you had insulted his mother. I simply smiled and ignored him and went on with my business. But later in the day I discovered he was around our camping site, loitering and looking very suspicious, as if he was going to steal something.

As we approached the campsite he disappeared into the woods behind a tree.I simply said to him, ‘what are you doing there?, and he did not answer so I decided to go down to where he was and see what he was doing.

As I approached him he walked away in haste, grappling with a bag that he had on his back, so I could not see what he was doing, he hid it from me while he walked while grabbing something from within it.

He turned around and walked to me very agitated as I was still walking towards him. I could see that in his hand was a revolver and as he walked the weight of the revolver made his outstretched arm go up and down slightly. I instantly new it was not a replica and that he meant to shoot me. At this point I stopped and looked directly in his face.

As he approached me he pointed the revolver in between my eyes and said to me, ‘Turn around son of a bitch. Face down, arms and legs spread.’ I looked at him and said, ‘No. I’m not going to do that. I’m going to turn around and walk away.’

As I was walking away I was wondering whether he was going to shoot me in the back or whether I had enough power to sustain myself so that this man will walk away in fear of the consequences of his own actions in terms of shooting me.

When I got back to the camp site I turned around and he was gone. Being in a state of non-fear of the consequences of those actions I believe saved my life. I believe if I would have acquiesced to his commands I would not be alive today.

The power of my truth told me to turn around and say what I did. If the power of my truth would have said disarm him and take him down, I would have. If I succeed or fail is not the point. It is how I live and die that is the issue for me.

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