Excerpted from ‘The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception.’

In ancient texts it is said that gossip is like a death sentence, for your character is assassinated before you have a chance to represent yourself. If one cannot represent themselves without encountering prejudice they will be energetically wounded by the environment and this will disallow their ability to experience being more than what they are perceived as: they will be limited by the immoral conceptualization of those who focus from a lower part of themselves.

Energetic assassination is one of the most severe and degrading activities that we will encounter as human beings. As a humanity we have become familiarized so extensively with gossip that this familiarization brings the practice into so-called normality. This state of affairs is so far removed from power that by mere association, in terms of acceptance of this phenomenon, we are being programmed to be desensitized to the greater part of ourselves.

In this instance we substitute our power for the need to know non-essential information, which is a type of energetic illness that has afflicted many of us. Because of this we have fallen so low that we cannot see how far we have fallen and as a result of that falling we have sacrificed our personal power for a trivial exchange that means nothing in the end.

There is a parallel subject that interlaces and interlocks with energetic assassination. What we mostly invoke when we defame another person is the idea of their past events, shown through that malicious gossip as a foregone conclusion that their character bears.

When you have a thought or an impression of someone that is untrue, what you’re accessing is an image coupled with an emotion that becomes a stabilized attitude and this is an imprint. Now when this stabilized information is accessed by you, who have become the bearer of misfortune, it is usually reinforced by the one who has given you the information.

This is a type of theft, unknown to you. By mere association with the one who wishes to assassinate, the giver of that gossip, you have substituted your knowledge of the real truths that can be accessed from your inner being. So not only has the assassin destroyed the character of their target, they have also assassinated your inner spirit through the implantation and stabilization of distorted facts.

By virtue of this, one loses the ability to access one’s own true insights and we become enslaved to the principle of energetic assassination by association, so in essence our inner seer has been subdued and will be held in a prison of alignment by those assassins.

This insidious loop that is reinforced, seemingly in every corner we turn, must be eliminated consciously. If we align ourselves with the better part of ourselves and avoid gossip we will be protected from outside influences and consequently will achieve a more sustainable base of energy and a greater degree of buoyancy.

This buoyancy will give the bearer the ability to see through anything that may be presented by someone who is untrue and not trustworthy. By being further removed from our circumstances through that buoyancy we truly see who approaches and know how to proceed appropriately in comparison to our internal mechanisms of insight, which invariably will expand and diversify as one’s power increases.

In this fashion the bearer of bad behavior will be caught before they act and so ultimately they will be locked within the realization of what’s been seen of them and will not be released until they change that behavior.

Conversely, when a person lets go of these limiting behaviors this shift will be recognized by others, thus releasing them from a self-perpetuating loop that annihilates their ability to accumulate personal power, and allowing them to be who they really are.

For us as a humanity to have the ability to see the truth of what is presented by those who approach, we need more energy. We should not wonder and inquire about someone’s past; we should see them as they arrive in front of us and no inquiries will be necessary because we will know who is presenting themselves, and this knowing is our heritage.

It is better that we train ourselves to become aware of subtle inflections which come from our environment to warn us of what is there. This training is nobler and will yield each individual variance within their ability to see. Variance is where insight lies and true cognitive inversion on another level occurs.

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