I first met Lujan in feb 2007 where I attended his first Dragons Tears workshop. During the past 15 months I have felt a potent connection with Lujan and have returned a few times to Bali to work more with him. I felt a strong calling to work deeper with Lujan and was drawn towards his Shamanic Tuition and Healing course.

All i can say is from the depths of my heart i truly unconditionally love and respect Lujan and I am so grateful for what he has shared with me.

The time i have spent with Lujan has been full of abundance and magic! I feel as though a flame of warmth and light has been ignited within. I cannot, nor want to find the words to express my experience for it remains sacred, beyond words…What i do want to express is my heartfelt gratitude to Lujan for sharing his time and energy with me.

What i learnt and experienced with Lujan was so invaluable, so important, and a gift i will carry eternally with me on the journey.

I feel like i have shedded many layers of skin, and through the peeling off of these many layers i have found a restful emptiness, silence and peace…

The tools i was taught have opened diamond gateways and are helping me along my journey in so many magical ways and I feel so much more awakened in my dreams.

These techniques are so powerful and easy to utilize. Theres something so special about being in Lujan’s presence which i feel so uplifting, every time I’m with him i feel awakened, aware and so alive! Even with no words needing to be spoken, i feel a language beyond words, beyond verbal sound….

Thank you Lujan for your sharing and your radiant presence! i look forward to our next meeting! I feel an infinite friendship with you, so sacred and so pure. Thank you!

Nat, Byron Bay, Australia