I came to Bali in May 08 to learn Dragon’s Tears and Tapping and the following is an account of my experiences that have taken place over the last two weeks.

To start with, Dragons tears is a beautiful set of flowing movements that from the first session allowed me to become aware of the energy around my body, some movements making my fingers tingle and making pockets of air thick and warm as my fingers passed through them, while practicing in low light with Lujan I started to see things like translucent trails following his fingers, one evening I could see a glove of energy about 1cm thick around his hands, and another evening as Lujan closed out the set I saw a huge trail of deep blue energy about 6 or 7 inches long slowly trail back into his hand, another time, in the morning Lujan showed up at my door and as we talked I could see the air behind him shimmering like heat waves, this I could see peripherally, and when I looked directly at it, it went away.

Lujan is a wonderful teacher and demonstrated many times his control of the body’s energy, I watched him move a plant using gentle hand gestures, without being touched the plant bent towards his beckoning hand and sprang back on withdrawal, another time as we sat gazing at a candle lit ball we both observed it multiple times move with a jerky motion back and forwards, it was a strange sensation, I cant describe it well, Lujan explained that rather than it moving physically, we were merging our energy fields and this allowed us to shift into an altered state to observe the movement, Lujan also used a similar gesture as that which he used to move the plant, but instead over my upturned palm and I could feel a tickling or vibrating sensation from inside my hand.

Another strange thing is that I started to recall memories of seemingly mundane conversations that I had with Lujan that never happened, twice I recalled him in my house commenting on various things, very strange.

And then there is the tapping, which I was told to train for, and I thought I was, but I was in no way prepared for the intensity of the practice, the first time I attempted it, I basically collapsed, completely unable to function, and in Lujan’s words, “had to be escorted by the elbow like an old lady back to your room and put to bed” during the practice I felt a tight bundled knot of energy rise into my solar plexus and it stayed there, making me nauseous, later Lujan explained that he stayed with me until the energy had cleared and risen to my heart centre, he explained that this was a block of some kind as the tapping causes energy to rise up through your body and will run into any hidden emotion you are trying to hold onto.

After the first time, I continued to train and by the end of the sessions had become able to go through all the exercises, although every time seemed just as intense, I became more relaxed and felt better after each time, at one point Lujan pointed out to me that my whole body was actually steaming.

On the night of my last day here I had a dream where I was practicing the Tears and the movements were transformed into sounds which made beautiful harmonies.

Both the Tears and the tapping are invaluable and powerful tools for energy conservation and self mastery, I would recommend them to anyone.


Canberra, Australia