“Visiting the Nagual” It’s so neat to be able to write those words. It’s been about a month since my visit with Lujan, in Bali. Knowing that a nagual is a direct conduit of the spirit, I looked forward to meeting the man. Not just a nagual, but also the author of what I believe is the most important book ever written!

I was planning originally to go alone, but by wonderful chance the timing was right for my wife and children to join me. As I have been inspired by Don Juan’s words in one of Castaneda’s books, that under the guidance of some seers, “whole villages moved on”. This then fell nicely into place.

Anyway, as the atmosphere and energy of Bali permeated my being, I became so relaxed that I laughed at the apropos titled ‘lazy warrior program’ that I had enrolled in.

As a person, I am used to being self-assured. I am a big man physically and, in the realm of the spirit, I feel close/clear most of the time! Well Lujan isn’t relaxed or lazy. He has the spirit at his side and he is almost as big as big as me, but in better shape LOL. All hell broke loose, like two big cats fighting, one prodding cat (Lujan) the other of course me reluctantly having to engage, at times with heated parley. All in all, I would have to say; it’s the first time in my life I was challenged in this area that I value. It is also the first time that I have talked with someone whose vocabulary, and cognitive view of reality is in alignment with mine.

….and of course some cool stuff happened!

There is a current of energy, the beginnings of a new cycle in the momentum of this man! Go to Bali & see for yourself!

Ric, USA