I have been practicing Tapping and Dragon’s Tears for over a year after I spent a couple weeks with Lujan over in Bali, and it has been a very transformative experience. Training each day is both a great challenge and a great joy!

It leaves me feeling supercharged and clear. It is a powerful means of stirring up, blasting through stagnant energy in your body and re distribiting it to your center, this subtle feeling that grows with practice which becomes an internal reference point that follows you into your day.

It has been such an important thing for me to have a daily practice, it is an advisor no doubt, that reflects back on everything else in my life and vice versa. It’s a killer workout, and the vitality that is acheived really has helped me to cut through so much social bullshit.

The contrived and dead social agreements seem so fucking boring from the perspective of an alive and vital body, and that is what this training awakens. Intensity of feeling has increased. Laughter has become explosive. My love of music has been supercharged.

The strength that has manifested with training has shown me I can actually help other people in a real sense, offer support and comfort, whereas before self obsession and fear ruled me. I am more at ease alone, I am more at ease in company- i no longer see a distinction between the two- just the alignment with this inner feeling, it doesn’t matter what is happening around me.

I have been doing this for just over a year, Lujan has been practicing for something like 30 years. The intensity that he brings to the table is just shattering, very, very humbling. I have never met anyone like him. To anyone out there reading this- dare to take the dive you will not regret it.

Thank you, you magnificent man!
I feel like dancing!

New Zealand