Lujan’s presence and unique wisdom in perception catalyzed for me a self reflection process that has, since returning from Bali, accelerated my own perception through assimilation of the mysterious silent part of myself.

The process of assimilation has been both challenging and mysterious, allowing my being to enter unsolved and disconnected parts of myself, resolve these parts and seal them in order for my being to walk through a new gate of perception and wondrous silence. Even though Lujan’s generous teachings are very much in the moment, since leaving Bali I am grateful to feel the potent resonance of his words and wisdom long after the workshop is finished.

I have found the Tapping practice fortifying in relation to my energy leaks and stabilizing for the “emotional sea” of what I now call my “Surface Mind”…..It is through the practice of tapping, gazing and Dragon’s Tears, I am able to witness and move to a deeper place and hear the more subtle “Heart Voice”.

Dragons’ Tears is an informing series of smooth moving gestures and has become a new guide and feedback for me in understanding my subtle energy and my untapped potential.. Like the sunrise, which is always filled with daily uniqueness, so too the practice of Dragons’ Tears fills each day with unique and new awareness.

Lujan uncovered the hidden in me in an instant, things that even I could not see, burned my ego like a phoenix to the flame, this was not easy for my ego/surface mind to grasp, but then that’s the whole idea…We were able to work intensively for 6 days, if I had tried this work on my own it may have taken 6 years ! Worst yet, the rest of my life!! And so I thank Lujan immensely for this challenge and know now that a challenge is merely a missing piece of the unknown, a mysterious part of myself that I am now discovering.

Much Love and Thanks Lujan

Maya, Victoria, Australia