Without reservation I can say the two weeks I spent under the tutelage of Lujan Matus were the most intense, demanding, and rewarding of my life. He is without a doubt the most elegant human being I have ever met, and the shift his mere presence created within me continues.

‘Dragons Tears’ is a fluid series of movements whose practice I look forward to each day. I was interrupted while performing these movements recently and when I finally responded to the person they said, “Man, you were in a trance.” After finishing this series I feel as if I’ve just emerged from a deep meditation – calm, quiet, and aware.

“Tapping” is an intense workout that both challenges and enables me to confront myself in ways I never have before. I have never learned or practiced any series of movements or exercises where the flowing of internal energy is so conspicuous as that which occurs through ‘Tapping.’ Each day brings something new: Whether it be a subtle emotion, a person in my life needing attention, or more often then not, something in myself needing to be confronted. After only three weeks of practice I reunited with my wife and she said I was leaner, more muscular, and remarked that I looked younger.

The gazing techniques Lujan shared were both simple and effective. Using these techniques opens channel previously closed, and has allowed me to open myself to the magic that surrounds us all.

I cannot say enough about the attention and ability of Lujan Matus as an instructor. When you visit him you are given the entirety of his attention, and this was the greatest of the many gifts he shared with me. It’s true that I left Bali with series of movements and techniques that are priceless, but the insights gleaned from the personal interaction with the Nagual was the most precious gift of all.

Love and respect,

H. Vadnais, USA