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Excerpt from Who Am I?: An In-Depth Guide to Empathic Communion by Lujan Matus.

In all humbleness, I will endeavor now to describe what has occurred through contact with the mysterious void power that surrounds us. If you look back very carefully through the whole book, you will see many references to this omnipresent yet non-intrusive being that exists beyond all bias.

When the subtle illusion that propagates the disharmony of separation slowly dissolves, a very gentle influx arrives. It is extremely personal yet simultaneously impersonal, and self- explanatory to the one who receives it. Whenever this sacred communion occurs, what arises is filtered from nothing into something, and is invariably influenced by the field of perception that is being enlivened.

A gesture of sincere devotion is what facilitates its appearance. The omnipresent factor can only work with what we’ve got for the duration of its contact with us, whilst we are growing towards the subtle refinements of our evolution. There are many different ways that this being can come upon one’s awareness. What I am describing here are just a few examples.

During one’s practice of Lo Ban Pai, for instance, it first arrives as a gentle pressure on the palm of the hands and the fingertips, thus indicating its presence becoming available. This instantly creates a feeling of calm gratitude that is hypnotically felt throughout one’s entire being.

At this point, the practitioner may also begin to see the omnipresence manifesting holographically. When this infinite being is contained within the visual field of the perceiver, it can appear as an endless labyrinth of fractalized shapes, which in actuality carry that magnetic gravity that is felt in the hands.

Of all the powers that a human being can obtain, in the end, all that really matters is to be contained within the subtleties of nothing, which reveal the heartfelt presence of one’s path arriving upon their journey.

Communion is beautiful yet transitory, and in the same breath, never-ending. The endless mirage reformulates itself in cooperation with the awareness that encounters it until the witness becomes absolutely infused within that elusive consciousness.

This is the key: to melt so completely within the containment field of your physical form that you find yourself somehow standing in a vast emptiness via the fact that you are really not to be located by your own perception. It is a field of non-feeling, yet touches upon everything within its own proximity through the very subtle viewpoint of that perceiver, which in essence becomes its vehicle of reception.

As you can see, the same principle applies here as when one is being empathically attuned. The body of the initiate becomes a locus of communication.

The intuitive empath that is subject to this mystery looks into a vast abyss to be witnessed; an emptiness that reveals a stillness beyond comprehension, which can be felt directly in the middle of one’s physical form and is viewed internally while simultaneously absorbing the external world.

In this way, the devotee’s eyes become attached to non-attachment within all their inaction, which within its constancy is continually expressed through devotion to all circumstances becoming available.

In essence, if you could imagine, you are standing still and within that stillness, your outside and your inside disappear in tandem; though you are aware that you remain upright within the illusion that is the concreteness of the reality you are witnessing. Meanwhile, the sensorial experience of feeling melts into a vast emptiness, yet all possibilities within the range of the physical world are available.

There are so many ways to arrive upon this being within yourself or within another. Simply split the wood or lift the stone. This represents myriad aspects of human interaction. A revelation may be contained within your words that unveil the illusions of what is being spoken by another.

This field of emptiness removes obstacles, yet nothing appears to have changed. In my experience its presence brings tears of sorrow and joy simultaneously, arriving upon one’s heart to be witnessed, timelessly revealing the secrets of itself.

When we become open to this omnipresence, our sensitivity to frequencies beyond the ordinary range of light is expanded to encompass what is ordinarily non-visible. This infuses our eyes with the capacity to see something external within a transdimensional format that comes from a place of void power, where no reflections are available in terms of attributable frequencies, via the fact that it is empty of itself.

To allow you to understand what I have just said, it is best to give a living example of an experience that occurred in my most recent workshop. I was showing the group how, when we stand grounded, in perfect alignment, we activate a significant energetic configuration that relates to enlivening our myofascial connectivity, which contains enormous amounts of explosive energy.

Whilst positioning everybody, I was describing how when this particular technique is practiced correctly, a feeling of intense magnetism becomes available. The sensation is like two rods that run from the nests of the armpits to the inguinal crease, in combination with a central pillar that is initiated by the head rising to the ceiling and the lower half of the body sinking to the floor.

As we were practicing, I suddenly became aware of a holographic anomaly occurring right in front of me. It came into view as tubes or transparent cylinders of light, positioned in a pyramidal configuration, echoing the internal formation just described. The central column, visible directly in front of me, resembled the bow of a ship and formed a triangular shape that my hands were flowing through, simultaneously obtaining microelements of this ubiquitous factor via the gently coiling gestures.

This quintessential formation is in absolute concordance with the true structure of our energy field, and cannot usually be seen. We have only a certain degree of internal imaging capacity to actually gather information from this spectrum of subtle light frequencies. These three pillars appeared as if a gray light was being shone upon a black transparent surface, which was composed of void. It was there, yet not there.

The way it appeared was almost the same as if you were witnessing a brief reflection, just as the water spirit manifested in front of me. You can see it, but the people around you cannot perceive what you have obtained as a glimpse into our holistic nature, which by design seems like it belongs to an alternate phylum, but is innately ours to glean.

In fact, this omnipresence has no boundaries nor limitations, no structure nor form to contain it within, yet it acquiesces to the content of the vibration that it becomes aware of.

This is the beginning and the end of what we can perceive, which exists beyond the universal constant of duality. It is the infinite abyss; the eternal clear waters that only reveal the reflection of the perceiver. As you can see, its instruction is composed of visual content; the sacred geometry that appears as the formlessness becoming form in correspondence with the witness obtaining the value of their own internal reservoirs.

Whether you have understood the description above or not, it is vital to remember that evolution manifests from taking responsibility for our present circumstances. Here is where our unique chance becomes available, for this position is the sole constant that truly beckons our personal power. The encompassing virtue of practicality is the only technique to reach wisdom. Anything else is but escapism. 😉