Video Description

Dragon’s Tears is the most trance-inducing of all the forms in Lo Ban Pai, which allows the practitioner to be guided by heart awareness to awaken the self within the highest vibrational frequency.

This unique movement series is the key to freedom within a path of heart, for it will assist the seer to move forward with integrity and power in every aspect of their life. This sequence reveals the transcendent essence of our true nature.

Within this set are hidden static standing postures that develop the essence of Ling Kong Jing, which is the empty force that is initiated in connection to void consciousness. It is a timeless form that flows like water, generating powerful and soothing chi, which courses in and around the body. The Tears of the Dragon also introduce the Indigo spectrum of light; the highest form of frequency that beckons us to be aware of it at all times.

Disciplined practice of Dragon’s Tears will dramatically impact your life, clearing stagnant energy and strengthening the body as well as enhancing perception, health, and longevity.