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Excerpt from Who Am I?: An In-Depth Guide to Empathic Communion by Lujan Matus.

By becoming genuinely acquainted with the subjectivity of our illusions we can understand that they are in essence our confirmation bias. Once we realize this, our attention will turn towards something else that may be unfamiliar, until we are able to recognize it as the rapture arising within.

The rapture is a feeling that travels up the center of the chest, rises through the throat and offers the sacred scriptures of the heart to be spoken. You are looking at what can’t be viewed, you are verbalizing what has never been heard, you are listening to what you are saying, and you become a conduit, an absolute reflection of the living essence of your environment. This is a natural function of an empathic human being, or an earthling.

You witness the rapture and faithfully follow the scriptures of your own insightful realizations in the context of what is being revealed within the sacredness of that empty moment. You feel the momentum of what you know yet it has got nothing to do with you and everything to do with what you’ve received.

Whenever empathic exchange occurs, the heart will immediately interpret through the excitement of communication. You hear what you are saying but you have no idea what the essential elements of what you are going to convey will be. The other person, or the field of energy that’s transmitting their vibratory essence within you, enters your internal beingness to be witnessed and then you automatically assign words to that recalibration.

If there is no content within that sphere of exchange the empath will leave the circumstance or wait patiently for the moment to release them. You will know there is no point in pursuing that communication by the fact that there is no receptivity. Upon the realization that you can’t proceed any further, you must withdraw the magic of your words, for the essential capacity of that moment isn’t capable of attuning to the frequency being sent.

Just imagine that you have two tuning forks. One has been struck and is vibrating and the corresponding fork in close proximity will begin to vibrate with the same frequency. This is how empaths communicate, whether another individual realizes it is happening or not.

The insistent non-availability of human beings to be recalibrated to the natural ebbs and flows of the world around them at this present time in history has mainly to do with not believing that we can be something more than what we are.

When the arising emanation, which becomes the empath’s vital communication, is interrupted by the non-availability of the moment at large, the general rule of thumb is to observe without bias.

If the moment becomes available to be spoken to, through articulating the essential essence of that rapture, one will listen to what has never been heard or mentioned before, within the context of being subject to an unfamiliar feeling that immediately becomes recognizable through empathic attunement.

This relates to being, knowing and not-doing, as outlined in Whisperings of the Dragon. This subtle dynamic of exchange is the symbiotic process of an empath who is operating harmoniously. In an environment where there is no other person you will be subject to the same natural laws.

You will head in a certain direction and you will have no idea why. Instead of going to the right, you walk left. Your body will lead you. This is the same process that occurs when you see and don’t judge another person.

The first discipline is to witness and not formulate an opinion. Trust that your body will do the most appropriate thing. If at this point you begin to talk to yourself about what is happening this is not being empathic, and may cause you to second-guess yourself.

The most pure approach you can adopt is to notice exactly what you are observing, and sincerely attempt not to limit or hold circumstances within a perceptual boundary, for this may evolve into a reflective intolerance.

We must allow others to traverse without the weight of our perception restricting them. Realize that it is an evolutionary imperative to not fall into the trap of well-worn behavioral patterns, for a habitual response is a sign that your empathic attunement is out of alignment.

You must cultivate the discipline of detachment; to know what you see and then not digress into congratulating yourself about what you’ve noticed. Take what you’ve witnessed as the lowest common denominator, put it behind you, and then watch how that agenda develops without interfering with it.

When you do that you can actually see where the mistake of someone else’s life wishes to take you, for you are mindfully observing a circumstance without adding yourself to it.

Being mindful doesn’t mean to think about what is happening. It means being empty. There’s a big difference between having a skull riddled with thoughts and a mind full of emptiness.

An awareness infused with silence will listen to the rapture of the heart, absorbing and expressing that uprising feeling as a conduit of eternity. This universal axiom requires the ears to be one hundred percent externally bound, awaiting for information to be relayed within pertinent fields of communication. We become receptive to the endless echoes of emptiness conveying something from nothing.

We all must be aware that the quality of antimatter does not emit a recognizable frequency to be witnessed by the human organism. This is why the principle of being nobody is so important to understand. A humble perspective can speak the wisdom that appears from the eternal abyss, by virtue of its non- insistence upon a bias.

Remember to be mindfully observant to the advent of your own voice arising to offer unknown content, in terms of your compassion and your service to the circumstance that is confronting you. That is a true empath’s journey, and everybody who wishes to be empathically attuned must endeavor to emulate these subtleties.

Our most pressing task is to reconnect to the true feelings in our heart. Humble yourself to every single circumstance and touch it with the softest, most gentle hand that reveals the beauty of your contact. An exquisite feeling comes about when you receive the communication of the empathic view. It’s an ecstatic silent communion.

When the rapture of your heart realizes the truth of what’s in front of you, everything becomes obvious. What is apparent is the only thing that’s meant to be done. Nothing more is available beyond that point. This is the pure expression of antimatter, the liquescent, raw intelligence of our cosmos.

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