Video Description

The Golden Lotus series cultivates chi to stream through and restore balance to the physical and energy body.

It functions similarly to ‘medical’ chi gong, by absorbing and storing the mysterious energy that emanates from the full moon. Once a month the Golden Lotus is performed in front of the full moon. The light from the moon has a special healing quality. The Golden Lotus form offers a unique way to cultivate the skill of connecting to vibrational fields to promote health and wellbeing.

The series contains wide sweeping circles that trace lines all around the body to create a vibrant matrix in the energy field. This blueprint is nourished and strengthened with daily morning practice performed indoors. This form builds a functional bridge between personal life force and universal energy and gives access to the ability to store chi in the dantiens. It is the beginning of the Intermediate level of Lo Ban Pai.

The Golden Lotus is used for inducing very deep states of lucidity. Unlike normal dreaming, practicing this form produces visionary imagery that contains an enormous amount of information. The reality of becoming fully aware within one’s dreams whilst being subject to a trance-induced state between sleeping and waking becomes available. The energy of the full moon imprints upon the consciousness of the practitioner, thus opening a visionary portal and neutralizing imprinted socialized sequences.