Lo Ban Pai Crystal

This is my Tibetan prayer wheel

and a huge amethyst that I am taking care of for a friend. The crystal in the front is called Celestine. I believe this is the Lo Ban Pai crystal.⁣

I've noticed that it activates every other crystal that you come in contact after bonding with it, once it's feeling goes into your body.⁣

I would advise my students to obtain one of these for meditation. It is heart-opening and electrifying. It is very supportive and protective. I never noticed crystals until this one met me and I met it. It is beautiful. It is refined. It is truly heavenly. I love it and it protects me.⁣

It guards the heart and repels negativity, but this is not what one should concentrate on. It prepares you for your inevitable journey beyond this world. That is why I believe it is the Lo Ban Pai crystal.⁣

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