Dragon’s Tears

This is a very complex subject. The information that I have obtained from my benefactor, master Lo Ban, primarily has its roots in Asia and the beginning of this started in the Altai mountains, where shamanism was birthed.

Shamanism is very mysterious. Its origins came from the stars; from our great grandfathers. You see, we are not alone. We have been influenced by many advanced races. Their wisdom, over the centuries, has been distorted and their knowledge relegated to myth.

In the dragon system that I have inherited from my benefactor, the hand gestures sing when they are performed. They are whispering palms.

You see, we are like bells. We ring and resonate a particular tune that’s frequency can be identified from great distances. And as one practices the Dragon’s Tears, their resonant frequency sings to the universe, the perfection of that which the warrior molds as an infinite gourd containing elusive information throughout their lifetime that can be accessed in accordance to their personal power.

The Dragon’s Tears is a fundamental base plate formula that awakens the warrior’s body to the infinite potential of all that is and all that can and will be, for the path of the warrior, equal to the primary elements of realization that belong to that seer at the end of their toil.

Each movement of the Tears affects different chakras in various sequences; internally and externally. There are more than seven chakras. There are points of light surrounding us within our luminous field and when one’s hand passes around these luminous spheres, the elements that exist within, the power that they contain, is then rerouted and then reabsorbed into the internal electromagnetic biosphere.

As this occurs, a very beautiful template is created. It’s beauty is of such immensity and its light so intense that it can be seen from the stars and heard from afar in the galaxies from where it originated.

Shamanism is an act of magic. Within each gesture that a seer performs eternity echoes and reflects back the mystery that they are.

True shamanism reveres the center of existence with great respect. This center’s primary point of origin exists within the heart of all human beings. It is gentle and wise; loving and strong; determined and resistant to the follies of our time and times before.

When one learns the Dragon’s Tears, one realizes that the sheer beauty of their perfection is witnessed within the silent gestures that emanate from the hands. One’s center travels to the extremities. One’s heart reaches to the palms and then the palms go beyond their points of origin to touch and be touched and realized by eternity itself.

When this occurs the internal dialogue of the warrior ceases to be and what becomes of primary focus at this point is the voice that speaks its unyielding truths without a thought of what is being said, for there are no thoughts.

The warrior becomes composed one hundred percent of feeling. Their resonance becomes boundless and infinitely connected to all that is in the frameworks of the possibilities that is the path that can only be seen by that seer at the point of their arrival.

This is shamanism.

The point of existence that cannot be remembered, yet it expresses itself upon its arrival.

A comment from Lyra, a participant of the Dragon’s Tears workshop:

“Lujan spoke briefly of our individual songs/signatures during the workshop and regardless of whether one has learned the tears or not, this is such an important subject; for everyone to remember their original song and to ring it into eternity.

This is the only way for each one of us to be whole and within our power. When all of us do this -or even enough of us- the whole universe will ripple into bliss.”