I just completed learning the Whispering Palms set with Lujan. It is a beautiful and elegant series of coiling and twisted movements preparing for faster and more intricate movements.

The set involves a deep horse stance or turtle that makes the center of my upper thighs burn. What I’m discovering is that the deeper my stance, the more energy/electricity I feel in my hands.

The last movement is my favourite, although I love them all, the last one for me is the best. It’s called ‘heaven and earth’.

The day I learnt it, I felt such absolute bliss permeate my whole being. The best way I can describe it is the feeling of the most beautiful, gentle, delicate (but deeply felt) soprano voice coiling and crescendoing through the core of my body. It felt like a white ethereal light whispering in coils and floating upwards from my sexual center through the central axis of my body, my heart, my tongue and roof of my mouth and out the crown of my head. This to me is ‘heaven’.

After this last movement, you sit in meditation for a few minutes. When I first sat in meditation I felt such weight, like being deeply anchored within myself and a physical weight, like I couldn’t move a muscle they were so heavy and relaxed. This to me is ‘earth’.

Lujan joked that he never taught that part in the beginning of a class, because nobody would want to do anything afterwards. It’s true!

My practices on my own that followed has been equally rewarding and full of discovery. I feel in some ways that I have stepped through a gate into a new way of feeling and perceiving energy.

In another practice when I was meditating, there was a dove cooing outside the window. I felt the song and sound vibration of the dove move right through my heart center as if there were virtually no physical mass there, just light and energy molecules swirling around with a profound feeling of love.

Sitting in a temple garden in Japan I felt a deep connection to and the presence of dragons. They whisper through the the coiling, twisted trees and are present all around, breathing through the trees and shaking the earth with a very ancient powerful energy.

Walking down the steps of the temple and looking at the dragon carvings on the walls, I felt like what I has been learning with Lujan is a true direct source of a dragon system. This fills my heart with joy to have found such a gem.

I look forward to each practice and it’s unique energy and all the little discoveries and connections.

Thank you Lujan for all that you carry and for sharing these practices.

With love and deep gratitude,