After reading Lujan’s books I felt entirely confident I wanted to study with him. The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception and Shadows in the Twilight resonated deeply with me.

First day of class I meet Lujan. he is so warm and welcoming. He has an infectious smile and great sense of humour. He is authentic, kind and loving. I feel very much at ease, and beautifully quiet in his presence. With Lujan, I feel I can be my self. I feel accepted and unjudged, and allow myself to be in that space, which is a relief because often I am quite hard and critical of myself.

Lujan makes sure the air is clear before he teaches so that our mind and body are fully available to receive the precious teachings. For the time I am in class I feel good and I have all the energy I need to learn the movements. Learning with Lujan is a beautiful and  extra ordinary experience.

I get home, back to work and to life. The first few weeks I am doing my practices but not sure how I feel about it all. My life is unraveling. I am in the process of ending a two year relationship with a person who has a good heart but we are on completely different paths.  I decide to keep up the practices and have faith.

Three months go by and I finally am able to end the relationship amicably. It took me some time to let go, the attachment was strong. That was one month ago. So, in the past month I have had time to focus on myself and get back to putting my full attention into the things that are important for me and my growth and my work.

I feel better and stronger than I have in years. It’s easier to be present and observe. My heart is opening. My intuition is heightening and I am thrilled to have learned the movements. I believe that the practices are instrumental in helping unwind the inner blocks from where I hold myself back and now I am more free to move forward. I feel more loving and accepting of myself and others. The more love I can give to myself the more I can give to others.

Every day I do the practices I feel more and more beauty. It’s only been a few months so I look forward to what will unfold over the years. And I also look forward to the day I return to meet Lujan and learn the next set of movements.