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Excerpted from “Who Am I? An In-Depth Guide To Empathic Communion”

A full three months went by after my father died before he bestowed upon my life one of the most powerful gestures that one could ever experience.

I had been sleeping deeply and I awoke to a vision. What appeared in front of me was an extremely strong white light. Upon seeing it I went into an instant reviewal where I observed every aspect of my life. A kaleidoscope of memories was fractally passing me by at an incomprehensible speed.

As each scene made itself available to my internal visual faculty it appeared that the imagery ground to a halt to be observed introspectively for a timeless moment that seemed to encompass the entirety of that event, even if the experience itself had taken months or years to manifest.

I believe that we don’t have much time left as sovereign entities to retrieve our ability to evolve towards our collective future via natural means. What I am referring to is our innate capacity to empathically communicate, which is the subject matter we will explore within these pages.

Whilst I was immersed within the all-encompassing frequency of that vast radiance I realized that an open vessel had been made available to my beingness, as many would say, at the behest or the grace of God. Witnessing this immeasurable luminosity I knew that those who use the common denomination, God, are referring to the revelatory effect this phenomenon has upon their consciousness when contact occurs.

Faced with this ubiquity, I immediately knew that there was no heaven and no hell. This was an absolute fable, just a story. It was part of our illusion; the myth of what we expect to discover when we die, which reveals the wish for a certain result to appear as a consequence of being at the threshold of those gates.

At that point of transition we are held within the reflection of our belief systems, and if we can’t conjure the power of discernment at this crucial juncture, that manifestation becomes our total illusion.

Once we arrive, as far as our human awareness can determine, there is nothing but that white light. There is no past and there is no future. There is no retribution, and nothing to be recounted. There is only the fleeting reflection of what had taken place in your life, which bears no consequence upon that moment. The experience is extremely uplifting.

This all-encompassing vibration holds you within the essence of your higher self in terms of that heavenly frequency permeating your awareness until the moment that your consciousness dissolves into absolute unity. The white light has an incomparable capacity to instill devotion. You become totally immersed in the loving essence of its ubiquitous emanation.

There is a steadfastness delivered via that immersion that infuses you with heartfelt feelings of what you are meant to do and achieve as a being, one that is not encumbered by social restraints that beckon you to be absorbed in any form of negativity that may inhibit you from achieving your sovereign task; if you happen to return to your earthly continuum. This is what I absorbed when I gazed into its immensity.

Looking up into the white light, which encompassed everything yet was nowhere simultaneously, I saw a line or a horizon that split the scene into two distinct perceptions. What I was reflecting upon was a visual juxtaposition of both that luminosity and the earthbound reality that I was about to re-enter. Interlaced within that vision appeared a familiar voice that began to beckon my attention.

When I heard the words conveyed, immediately a deep realization of God consciousness came upon me. Now, although this is what arrived into my awareness, I wouldn’t ascribe to it this small frame.

This was an indescribable ubiquity; a beautiful, intense being that harbored no memories. It is only there at the moment you realize it, and the sole consequence of that white light becoming available to you is through the mirroring of your own existence at the point of contact.

This boundless sentience spoke in multifaceted resonances, in a way that was very reassuring to my inner beingness, to establish the connectivity of the truth that was being portrayed. The structure of the information was simple yet held so many overtones of meaning.

Amongst the multiple layers being delivered, a message was conveyed that my journey is at a crossroads and that this was the gift of my father that was to be bestowed upon me.

The last part of his personal odyssey was to enter the light to recalibrate his beingness to the power of the man he could have been in his life. As he became that man, I felt the light turning around to gaze at me, even though there was nothing there to embody the gesture. It was just a frequency, yet it was simultaneously my father.

As he connected to me, the superimposed scene of the worldly construct I was in was glitching and flickering like a super-8 film. Then I heard my father’s voice again, and as he spoke I felt a resounding power flow through me. So beautiful, so calm, so strong! His voice carried the fortitude and purity that he’d had the possibility to truly express while he was living. He was such a magnificent man who had fallen into confusion.

At that moment he gifted me with the only thing that mattered. It was an influx of realizations that were not spoken but arrived via his capacity to somehow remain stationary for the period of time necessary in order to come back and deliver me this one particular gesture.

That exchange recalibrated the insecurities I had absorbed as a child, reversing the emotional impoverishment that had previously been his legacy. It filled me with elation and reinstated a sense of wholeness and enrichment within our connection. He knew that this meant more to me than anything that I could ever express, and he was right.

This interaction was simultaneously happening in multiple layers of reality. It wasn’t linear. The way it occurred was that as he was communicating to me, he slowly emerged from the light to finally appear as the man he was before he died; the man I used to know as a very powerful forty-year-old individual. As he conveyed the deep truths of our circumstances, I was totally held by the illusion that was being propagated.

In an instant, the light suddenly disappeared and there I was with my father descending into the realm of man, entering the three-dimensional confusion that is our collective illusion.

He was still very robust as he emerged, but somehow lost some of his purity or the command of his being upon arrival in this alternate realm. I noticed that there was something in his field of perception that couldn’t sustain the energetic integrity that had expressed itself when he had first appeared.

Plummeting into the world, we ended up in a moving car. We were diving into the illusion of our symbiotic vision. My father was driving very erratically, and all of a sudden we were enveloped by a swarm of giant mosquitoes.

At the time that this dream vision occurred, my wife and I were living in Malaysia on an island called Langkawi. The man who took us shopping there drove like a maniac. When it rains in that region it is very dangerous on the roads and he actually took pleasure in trying to evoke feelings of fear. I attempted to ignore this but was always reminding him to slow down, especially as the type of van he drove had a reputation for tipping very easily.

He also often had dozens of mosquitoes in his car, which alarmed me greatly, as the last time I was living in Asia I contracted Dengue Fever and had almost died as a consequence of being bitten.

In the vision with my father the inordinately large mosquitoes were hitting our windshield and a few of them came inside. I started smacking them furiously, trying to kill as many as possible when I suddenly came out of it and said:

“This is my illusion!”

The mosquitoes were my illusion! At that moment I realized everything all at once. I wildly looked up to my father and he said to me, “You suffered my illusion and I suffered yours.” Upon this affirmation, white light suddenly engulfed us both, and I awoke from the vision.

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