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Achieving inner silence is a profound journey that allows you to access higher states of consciousness, calm the mind, and find inner peace.

In this guide, we will explore specific steps to help you stop your internal dialogue and enter a state of profound stillness. These techniques are inspired by the wisdom of Lujan Matus and his book, Whisperings of the Dragon. Let’s dive into the practice and discover the transformative power of inner silence.

The Power of Breath Awareness

One of the most effective ways to quiet your mind and enter a state of inner silence is through breath awareness. Instead of simply thinking about breathing, just focus on the act of breathing itself. This simple yet powerful technique allows you to externalize your awareness and silence the chatter within.

Step 1: Externalizing Your Awareness

Begin by taking a few deep breaths. As you inhale and exhale, do so audibly, allowing yourself to listen to the sound of your breath. By doing this, you externalize your awareness, shifting it from your internal thoughts to the act of breathing itself.

Step 2: Gentle Observation

As you breathe audibly, gently observe the breath going in and out. Imagine that you are listening to the subtle nuances of your breath as if it were a delicate whisper. Let your focus rest on the breath’s rhythm and movement.

Step 3: Quieting the Internal Dialogue

While observing your breath, you may notice that your internal dialogue tries to reassert itself. Thoughts might arise, asking what you should be doing or distracting you. Acknowledge these thoughts without judgment, then gently guide your attention back to your breath.

Step 4: The Shift into Inner Silence

With practice, the external world and internal thoughts fade into the background. Your awareness becomes fully absorbed in your breath’s gentle rise and fall. This is the shift into inner silence, a profound stillness where you are fully present in the moment.

The Journey Within

You may experience a heightened sense of awareness and presence as you delve deeper into inner silence. This state allows you to perceive the world with greater clarity and insight. It is a place of profound peace and a doorway to higher states of consciousness.

Achieving inner silence is a practice that can transform your life. By externalizing your awareness through breath awareness, you can silence your internal dialogue and discover the peace within you. Lujan’s teachings, as found in Whisperings of the Dragon, offer valuable insights into this transformative journey. Embrace the power of inner silence, and open yourself to a world of clarity, presence, and profound inner peace.

Listen to Lujan speak on the transformative journey of inner silence in our latest YouTube video to gain deeperr insights and practical steps directly from the source.

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