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Society is increasingly inclined towards linearity in our modern era, fitting everything into neat boxes and categories.

Be it our buildings, thoughts, or lifestyles, there’s an ever-present drive to streamline, define, and box up. But in this rush to compartmentalize, are we sidelining the intrinsic spirals of our existence?

In a recent enlightening discussion with Lujan Matus, the essence of our DNA, the universe’s true nature, and even the core of our spirits were delved into. Contrary to the physical, tangible square boxes we inhabit and function within, our nature and the world around us operate in spirals, twists, and turns.

Lujan highlights the revelation that our DNA, in a relaxed state, spirals open, activating what is often dismissed as ‘junk DNA.’ This opening lays the foundation for our fullest potential to shine forth. However, societal pressures and stressors compress this spiral, diminishing our expressiveness and confining us to limited experiences.

Our surroundings, primarily the square or rectangular buildings most of us reside in, trap energy, blocking its flow and stifling our spiritual and emotional growth. The essence is clear: We should strive for beauty in our environments, from architecture to art, to resonate with the universe’s inherent spirals.

But there’s hope. The practice of Lo Ban Pai is a testament to the power and beauty of spirals. With movements rooted in the Fibonacci sequence, it offers an escape from the rigidity of modern life, letting practitioners embrace fluidity, elegance, and the universe’s deeper truths.

In the end, the call is straightforward: embrace the spirals within and around. By doing so, we can shift from mere beings of communication to true beings of communion, interconnected in the grand web of life.

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