I am excited now to teach the preparatory series to Awakening the Energy Body and Windlock called ‘The Ultimate Way; Opening the Tao’. Even though it is preliminary this is the most advanced application to all of Lo Ban Pai’s movement forms.

I will be introducing this series in the Barcelona workshop in addition to the Windlock system, but my primary focus will be on Opening the Tao. It is the secret doorway to the empty force. It will give everybody who has done any forms in any system the ability to give rise to the mother fist – the birth of all movements.

All the other principles below will be focused upon – the girdles, cradles, central pillars – but within the power of Opening the Tao will be the knowledge of orbits and their elliptical counterparts, which give rise to enormous amounts of the empty force to arise within.

It will be an enormously awakening process for all of you who are being introduced to Lo Ban Pai and for those of you who are already intimately involved within this magical system.

I look forward to seeing you all in Barcelona.

Be prepared to be surprised. This is the jewel of all jewels. It is the secret behind the power of Lo Ban Pai.


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