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Testimonial – Online Spiritual Guidance

First I’d like to express gratitude to Mizpah.  She answered my many preliminary questions, worked with my schedule, and responded quickly to emails.  Thank you for getting my experience off to a good start MIzpah! 

I’m not going to write this review from an intellectual perspective.  To be honest I’m not sure that I understood with my brain all of what Lujan was talking about.  I guess that’s okay though because I don’t think he was talking to my head.  He was talking to my heart. 

I can easily express how my time with Lujan felt.  I spend a good bit of time in nature and working with animals both wild and domesticated.  Since I was a kid I always felt I could talk to the trees, rocks, birds, and bugs.  I can open my heart and be myself in nature and with the animals. 

Talking with Lujan is like talking to a big old tree or a wise dog.  The safeguards around my heart just know they can melt away.  My deeply held vulnerable emotions easily bubbled up to the surface to be cleared.  Soon after a bit of silliness and laughter bubbled up too. 

After our sessions, I felt like I do after a long walk in the woods.  Safe, clear, easy, and bright.  All tightness left my body.  My physical vibration was noticeably higher after each session and lasted for many hours. 

Since I’m not sure how someone reading this might feel about talking to a tree or a dog,  I’ll just say it’s the highest and best compliment I could give to another human being. 

I tear up with gratitude just knowing that there is a human being like Lujan in this world.  I’m filled with so much hope and happiness because he is here and I am not alone. 

Warm Regards,


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