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Personal power manifests itself as a physical feeling that can be applied within the gravity of a circumstance and only in relation with the variables we are momentarily contained within. Through being instructed in Lo Ban Pai one begins to locate the central point where personal power arises and learns to identify the subtle nuances that indicate when to act and when to withdraw.

The steadfast intentionality of one’s physical routine cultivates power through cyclic movements that reveal themselves anew every time. By persevering through daily practice of Lo Ban Pai one may obtain deep wisdom as a result of being subject to the same thing from different perspectives. The body evolves into an alternate frequency each time one becomes immersed within the system.

We all have a central axis within our body in terms of our own determination, our own experience. Nevertheless, due to the spiraling factor of the Fibonacci principle, our journey will always locate us in an alternate position to where we had previously been.

As we shift into new non-identifiable zones of arrival we learn to remain fluidly available in response to the intangible essence of each moment, which escapes points of reference that create dogma or bias. In each emerging vantage point, we are seeing things from a totally different perspective, and we can’t really expect to find what we will discover. It discovers us. If we don’t gratify ourself by thinking we have found something, wisdom arrives.

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