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Testimonial – Healing Practitioner Training Program

I recently attended the Lo Ban Pai Bodywork Healing Practitioner Training Course in Sedona. This was truly a life-changing event. The small group setting is blissful and much needed to absorb the depth of information. Lujan is devoted to holding a space for growth on many levels and his devotion is always present. 

A few months prior to this deeply powerful course I attended the Gravity Series with Lujan. I was a bit apprehensive about only having learned this one introductory level form. This apprehension quickly dissolved as the course started; I realized that I was in the right place at the right time.

Our conversations were masterfully guided by Lujan and were always relevant to moving past resistance. We relaxed and opened up to Lujan’s gaze at the start of each class and found communion as a group. Lujan never missed a moment to share his depth as an empathic intuitive healer, his ability to speak to the hurt from his hurt is as magnificent as the sunrise. 

On the first day, he had us up on the massage table and had us hands-on by the end of class. He would teach the technique and then accompany each of us as we performed them. Lujan’s attention to meeting each student where they were was amazing as he still held the group captivated.

During instruction Lujan performed the techniques and movements. At this time it gave each us the opportunity to observe Lujan with our inner eyes as he performed the bodywork. His hands are magical! The ability to go into someone’s channels as well as to see within them is amazing and is truly the deepest meaning of this work. 

We learned the Lo ban Pai Bodywork system by the end of the two weeks. This a complete system, no part of the body is excluded. No part of the energetic body is left out. The hand movements and body positions were all instructed in a way that was easily taken in.

Lujan’s knowledge of the body’s meridians, channels and structure is masterful but never above my head. The love that goes into sharing this practice is something that I have never experienced in a learning environment and is truly refreshing. We also went over tips for a successful business practice as well as how to energetically discharge and recharge in between clients. The juicy bits are endless. 

We laughed a lot and I cried at times as well. I learned something that now has the potential to change my life path. I am eternally grateful for Lujan and Mizpah’s work as well as their huge hearts. The two weeks spent with him can not be expressed by a testimony, nor can the conversations that were shared be recaptured. What can be done is to leap into the universe of being, knowing, and not doing. Finding a way to pay the gems forward in love and kindness to everyone and not be the person I was. 

With Love,


We are now accepting registrations for small group training in Sedona, AZ from July-December 2020.

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