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Have you ever wondered how to shield yourself from unwanted energetic intrusions?

Lujan Matus offers deep insights into the art of guarding your energetic space.

Understanding Energetic Boundaries

Lujan starts by shedding light on the concepts of being and knowing. Our knowing, he explains, must be deconstructed to understand how external influences affect us. We need to unravel the layers of societal conditioning that have encroached upon our collective consciousness.

The Test of Encroachment

Lujan emphasizes that many of us are unaware of the encroachment on our energetic boundaries. It’s a collective phenomenon where societal norms and influences shape our perceptions. Recognizing this encroachment is the first step in regaining control.

Returning to Childlike Knowing

He highlights the purity of a child’s perspective. Children are vulnerable and impressionable, and society often molds them according to its expectations. Lujan argues that this manipulation must cease to allow children to explore the world without fear.

Release and Realization

Lujan describes the journey back to childlike knowing as a process of release and realization. It involves shedding layers of conditioning and returning to the purity of our inner selves. The complexity of this process is unraveled through understanding.

Maintaining Energetic Integrity

The conversation shifts to managing interactions with others. Lujan explains how, in an empty state, we become more receptive to external frequencies. It’s essential to avoid reacting to discordant energies and instead reflect and communicate with clarity.

Turning Discord into Love

Lujan suggests that if you cannot manage an unwanted energy, you can transform it into love and devotion for those around you. This amplifies the protective mechanism of feeling abundant and maintains your energetic integrity.

In conclusion, guarding your energetic space is an ongoing journey of self-awareness and release. By understanding the encroachment of external influences and returning to a childlike state of knowing, you can maintain your energetic boundaries and engage with the world from a place of clarity and purity.

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