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In this interview, Avanti Siram introduces Lujan Matus, a teacher of the internal art called Lo Ban Pai, and explores his telekinetic abilities.

Avanti asks Lujan about a video she saw where he moves a flower without using his hands. Lujan explains that the video showcases a practice called Dragon Coiling, which develops telekinetic skills. He shares that during Dragon Coiling, he discovered telekinetic phenomena occurring with a flower placed between three rocks. This experience led him to realize he could move objects unintentionally.

Avanti recalls her experience during tuition for Dragon’s Tears, where Lujan pulled her and her boyfriend from twelve feet away using telekinesis without physical touch. She asks Lujan to describe how it felt from his perspective. Lujan explains that the technique involves setting the electric and magnetic principles within the body, with specific hand positions and feet placement. He describes the sensation as pulling strings in the air and emphasizes the importance of an empty mind and activating the fascial lines.

Lujan further elaborates on the process, mentioning the connection between mind, body, and the dissolving of restrictions within the body. He explains that functional relaxation plays a role in activating the fascial lines and changing the elements of electric and magnetic principles within the physical framework. This leads to the collection of vibratory signatures and an elevation of consciousness.

Avanti inquired about the effects of disease on the water body and sought guidance on overcoming it. Lujan responded by introducing the concept of empty force and its connection to disease prevention. Empty force is achieved through disciplined practice and heightened listening power, allowing individuals to explore the internal stratosphere of their bodies and become aware of what is occurring within their physical framework.

An analogy was drawn to Oriental depictions of a dragon chasing a ball inside its mouth while flying through the universe. The ball represents the initial stage of development, where individuals must empty all social edifices and expectations that do not belong within them. The water body, which refers to the energetic system, contains the essential reflexes.

To harness empty force, one must cultivate a still mind, free from internal dialogue, and empty it by releasing emotions. This process leads to the emergence of a yin-yang gong within the body, characterized by magnetic principles and frequency variants between the hands. Specific movements and energy cultivation unveil different phenomena, alerting practitioners to the hidden lines and subtle elements within their bodies.

The conversation delves into the concepts of jing, chi, and shen. Jing represents inherited qualities from prenatal lessons that determine lifespan, while chi signifies animated progression, and shen embodies an empty mind unaffected by thought.

Lujan Matus explains that thought can be seen as an installed script that diminishes the spirit mind, directing focus toward socially engineered edifices and hindering spiritual growth. The internal dialogue severs individuals from their spirit bodies and the empty void of the mind. By cultivating discipline, the practitioner can recognize hidden principles and vibrations within their body, eventually unleashing the mysterious quality that is seen as magical.

The discussion also touches on the vulnerability and strength within individuals, emphasizing the importance of understanding these aspects to shield oneself from the intentions of others. It underscores the value of cultivating a beautiful and loving self rather than succumbing to weaponized consciousness.

This conversation highlights the significance of disciplined practice for spiritual growth and awareness. It encourages individuals to develop heightened listening power and explore the internal stratosphere to understand their physical framework better, release physical and emotional limitations – thereby transcending these states – and to cultivate empty force. Through this process, practitioners can tap into hidden lines, subtle elements, and inherent magic within their bodies, ultimately transcending limitations and achieving spiritual elevation.

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