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Lujan Matus is offering a new group online program starting on July 15th.

To our vibrant community of seekers and spiritual explorers: Finding a space to connect, grow, and support one another on our spiritual journeys is invaluable in a world that often pulls us in countless directions. As we enter the month of July, filled with new possibilities and transformative energy, we invite you, our cherished community members, to dive deeper into the profound wisdom and guidance of Lujan Matus through our online programs.

July’s unique energetic vibration amplifies our capacity for transformation and growth. As the sun shines brightly and nature flourishes in the northern hemisphere, there is a natural inclination to reflect, reassess, and embrace change. It is a time of inner awakening, where the light of awareness penetrates the shadows within, providing an opportunity for profound shifts in consciousness.

By engaging in spiritual guidance classes during this period, we align ourselves with the potent energies of the sun, harnessing its transformative power to illuminate our paths and catalyze profound personal growth. This time of year invites us to embrace the healing energies of nature as we immerse ourselves in its abundance. Connecting with Lujan’s teachings within our active community, we can synergize our inner transformation with the nurturing energies of the natural environment, amplifying our healing and growth.

As we move through the year, July also marks a midway point—a juncture where we can pause, integrate our experiences, and realign ourselves with our spiritual intentions. It is a time for renewal, where we shed old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us, creating space for fresh insights and perspectives. Embrace this natural rhythm of renewal and set the stage for profound personal and spiritual breakthroughs.

Within our active community, we are fortunate to have the support and camaraderie necessary to embark on this transformative journey together. As active members, you possess a wealth of insights and experiences that enrich our collective growth and understanding. Let us continue supporting one another as we awaken our true potential, expand our spiritual practices, and create a space where profound transformations occur.

The Online Spiritual Guidance program costs $199 and will involve two sessions of approximately two hours. Classes will occur on Saturdays from 12 pm-2 pm, Arizona, Mountain Standard Time:

July 15th & July 29th

Due to the nature of the living energy that Lujan addresses in these sessions, each one will be completely unique. Many students get value from coming back to these sessions again and again.

We are now accepting registrations for the group Online Spiritual Guidance program in July 2023.

Please register via the link below: