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In the third video of the enlightening series, "The Power of Emptiness," titled "Pathways of My Memory," Lujan Matus delves into the fascinating exploration of how transmissions from a teacher shape the visual matrix of our recent memories.

This thought-provoking episode uncovers profound insights that shed light on the principles of being, knowing, and not-doing, the essence of mantras, the significance of divine communion, and the transformative potential hidden within lost opportunities.

This episode invites viewers to reflect on the profound impact that teachings and transmissions from a spiritual teacher can have on shaping our perception of reality. It explores how these transmissions become imprinted in our memory, forming a visual matrix that influences our present experiences and understanding of the world.

Through this fascinating interview, Lujan highlights the essence of mantras, emphasizing their transformative power in aligning our consciousness with higher states of being. The principles of being, knowing, and not-doing are explored, unraveling the significance of embracing a balanced and receptive state to access more profound understanding and spiritual growth.

Moreover, the video delves into the notion that lost opportunities can serve as valuable lessons and catalysts for personal development. It encourages viewers to realize what they seek is already within them, awaiting recognition and realization.

Join us on this profound journey of self-discovery and expanded consciousness in “Pathways of My Memory” as we unravel the transformative insights presented in “The Power of Emptiness” series.

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